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The Little Girl On The Stairs

by Jason "HBK" Chaplin
(Maidenhead, England)

This is a story as told to me by my girlfriend just last night (Halloween). I know what you will think, that she is just telling Halloween stories, but she has told me a slightly less detailed story a while ago, so in the Halloween spirit (if you excuse the pun) I thought I would has about it... Anyway, less of the pre-story rambling and onto the tale...

She lives in a house that has been around for many years, her family moved in before she was born and have spent many a happy year there. The people who own the house before her family were know to perform "satanic" chants and try and bring spirits through to our world. From what her dad has told her, the family had the house blessed before starting a family in case any bad or evil souls were roaming the grounds and the house. I am not too sure if this is related to the story I was told, but take comfort in the fact this might explain the reason for the sightings and events within the house. Well this is the reason they tell most people anyway! Her father actually saw a ghost, or as he described it, a grey shadow next to his bed. All he could move was his eyes and the rest of his body seemed cold and paralised. This scared him a lot as you can imagine, so the blessing was arranged. My girlfriend also claims to have had this, but is unsure if she was dreaming!

Now, there have been a few different stories I have been told and I have to say I also believe them!

My girlfriend sleeps in a room with her sisters and also has a young baby (14 months old). Ever since she can remember, a shadow of a tall man has stood outside the bedroom, just standing there as if watching over them as they slept. She says that she doesn't fear the man and he seems nice and polite as he moves to one side when someone wakes and needs to loo or to get a drink. He never says anything and doesn't seem to be there during the daytime.

I have to say that I have not seen the man. I have stayed in the room and in the house and never experienced ant sightings, although I do believe he was there.

Both my girlfriend and her mother believe they are "sensitives" and are able to see and feel ghost and spirits. But it was my girlfriend's younger sister who has had the most notable contact with one of the ghosts:

When she was younger, I'm told around 4 or 5 years old, she started to cry for no reason. Her mother (and a younger version of my girlfriend) went to open the door to see what had happened. As they went to the door the younger sister came in crying as she couldn't find her mummy. Every time anybody went to comfort her she screamed, "Get away from me I want my mummy, who are you?" She wouldn't believe that they were her family... She was calling for her mummy again and again, then she just stopped, the tears stopped and she was back to normal... To this day (she is now 15) she still doesn't remember it happening. This story, I think anyway is the reason for the title of this piece (as I am sure you are thinking, 'What has this to do with a girl on the stairs,' right?)

There is a little girl that my girlfriend sees sitting on the stairs at night sometimes. My girlfriend thinks the girl doesn't like her as she always seems to have an angry face. She sits on the stairs and cries and stares through the banisters on the stairs. My girlfriend has tried talking to the little girl, only to be told she wants her mummy (see the link with the other story now).

There is always a sweet smell around when the little girl has been seen, yet only my girlfriend and her mother seem to be able to sense and smell it.

I am really interested in these stories and the others I have read on this site. If you have any please list.

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The Little Girl On The Stairs

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Nov 05, 2007
by: Anonymous

I want to visit this house

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