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The House of Ghost

by Jordan

One day I was riding a bike with my best friend. But then out of nowhere my friend looked up and fell right off his bike. I don't know what happened but whatever he saw it must have been pretty scary to make him fall off like that. I checked to see what was wrong and he said he saw a hand and face on the window of an old deserted house. I looked up and I saw nothing but the house.

Then out of nowhere I felt a rush of cold air come over me. Then more came rushing over my ear and then I heard a bang on my friend's garage door. I looked back and a ninja star blade was lodged in it. We took it out and my mom called us in. I looked back and saw that the star was gone but the cut in the garage was still there. On the way in we planned to check out the house that night and get a group of friends to help.

Over dinner we asked our parents about the house and they said a family was killed in that house by a break-in. After dinner we got the gang together and went back. We had seven friends: Justin, Sashia, Harold, Julian, Eric, Victoria and me. The backdoor and gate were open. We split to groups 3, 3, and 1. I was the 1. I went upstairs to the room of the window. I looked out the window but no spirits but I felt the same rush of cold air. Then I knew something was going to happen. A voice whispered to me, "GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I did not hesitate so I stayed there. I walked out to find the rest of the guys but before I walked out I saw that a mirror was floating and I saw a person in it with a robber outfit on. He wrote on the mirror "Get Out." He also had a dead, decaying looking body.

I ran down to find them and we all met at the same time they all had a story of their own. Wait we were missing Sashia!!! We all looked around for an hour until we found her in a trance-like state. I stayed with her while they went for help. She woke and we found all of them like she was. Everything started to float. They all awoke and we all ran out like girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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