The Horror on Happy Hollow Rd!!

by Courtney
(Ky, Glasgow, United States)

Hi, this is Courtney B telling you a scary story.

One night around ten o'clock, I was sleeping in my bed when I heard a disturbing
noise. It was the horses across the road going wild. I went to the barn where the horses were, with a flashlight!

Then I saw a huge grayish figure in the barn. I turned on the stall light and the figure was not a figure anymore. It was a sound banging around, knocking everything over it could touch. I can remember being so scared.

The horses had settled down so I went back to the house after looking everywhere in the barn for the figure. The next morning I told Hannah and she didn't believe me. So the very next night Hannah spent the night with me and again we heard the horses going wild.

This time I thought I would have someone with me to help prove it!

We entered the barn and the figure was not there. We looked all in the barn. But Hannah looked up and saw the gray figure standing directly above us on the banister!!! You could hear our hearts beating a mile a way!

Suddenly I got pulled up by the ghost!

Hannah is screaming her lungs out. Suddenly the horses come through. Hannah jumps on one and I fall on the horse! The horses lead us to the house SAVING US!!!

I am never going back on the farm again!!!


Courtney and Hannah
Happy Ghost Years

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