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LEFT for ghostsandstories.com

the grandmother ghost

by Lola


I am Lola and I am about to tell you about my best friend's grandmother's ghost.

Well, my friend, Nina, was helping out in her kid's school one day, as I was too. She had told me that she had this weird feeling that day and that she might leave, so that if she did, I could take over her papers to correct. I told her that if she was feeling so bad she should go home, but she knew that her child wouldn't like the idea and she stayed.

Nina is quite young and her father are mother are still alive. She isn't married anymore. So that day after her child, Marri, got out of school she was going to visit her mom. Nina said to turn around and saw a woman standing right there, by where the kids would wash. She said that the lady told her she would miss her and to tell her mother Hi.

My friend turned around, confused by what had just happened. She thought maybe it was a teacher that her mom knew or something. So when school was out she went to visit her mom. Nina told me that when she got home her mother was crying as hard as she had ever seen before.

She asked what was wrong and her mom said that Nina great grandmother had died that day, Nina found a picture of her grandma and saw that that was the lady that she had seen.

Nina lives now in Nebraska and we keep in touch, but I felt I should tell you about my friend's experience.

Thanx for reading my submitted story!


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