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The Ghost That Followed Me Home

by Nichole N
(Lane County, Oregon, USA)

As a lead cadet of Emerald Valley Paranormal, have witnessed my fair share of the paranormal. However, I have not once had something attracted to me like she was. I don't know how, or why she followed me home. I don't even know what I did to make her want to follow me, but I ended up getting her anyway :) This picture is almost 3 years old, but the face is still clear. I'm probably boring whoever is reading this, so I'll get onto the story of this investigation and the encounter of my little ghostly roommate.

We mostly do cadet investigations in cemeteries, and as kids of the paranormal we like to have some fun. I sat on a tombstone so my mother could take a picture of me, and mind you she took this with her blackberry phone. Anywho, we were there quite some time, even past dark. This was the kind of cemetery where you feel followed everywhere you go, even if you're running. We did several EVP sessions and group huddle sessions. At one of these, I was standing by myself with no one behind me. We were talking about how none of us felt like there was anything there & I quickly regretted feeling that way. The hood of my sweatshirt was yanked off my head, and I was pulled backwards almost landing on my butt. I got up and turned around because heads were going to roll and when nothing was behind me, and everyone had seen me get assaulted by thin air, I jumped at my Aunt like Scooby-Doo. I was scared beyond. Never in my life had I been attacked like that.

After that happened, I began to feel like wherever I went, I heard and felt footsteps behind me. When we left, I swore we accidentally brought a piece of the cemetery with us. Like someone wanted to get their point across that we were in sheer denial if we left that place with doubt. I started really noticing her in holiday pictures. Christmas and Easter especially. Huge orbs appeared in pictures. And I've had shadows come right up next to me, and disappear when I look at them.

She talks to me, and when I'm sitting alone in the living room, I can hear her whispering. She likes to do little things to make our spines tingle. Opening the bathroom door in my mom's room. Running her fingers down our backs and slapping us in the butts. She isn't bad or in any way trying to harm us. She just wants you to know she's here. :)

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The Ghost That Followed Me Home

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Jun 12, 2011
She is soo right
by: M.F.I.S

There are two faces and really one is screaming. It is in the upper part of the tree. Honestly I think the leaves are making this shape and the girl ghost. I don't believe in ghosts but am scared a bit of them.

Jan 20, 2011
2 Faces
by: vicky

There are two faces behind you in the photograph one looks like a little girl/boy and the an older person with his/her mouth wide open as if screaming.. Am I seeing things? X

Jan 06, 2011

That is a good pic and wow she followed you home you must be a good person

Nov 11, 2010
by: phil c

You certainly are one VERY BRAVE young lady!! I'd have to bet that experiences like that, would send the next 99 souls on a one way ticket to the cracker factory! If you can handle that, I don't know what on earth, could ever scare you!

Peace and Blessings from Seattle!

Oct 12, 2010
Spirit Attached.
by: Alan Hetherington

I have just read your story 'The Ghost That Followed Me Home' and by the information you wrote, I would say yes, you seem to have a spirit attached to you from the burial ground, Did you not safe guard yourself that night by protection to keep spirits from being attached to you ?, Do you and your group not know about protection to safe guard yourself to stop this type of thing from happening ?, My advice to you is, ask this spirit to leave you in peace and to return to where it came, if this is not enough, you shall need to place protection around both yourself and your home also seek the advice of a major psychical research group within your home land, if you live in America, contact the American Society for Psychical Research which is based in New York City. I hope this helps you.
Alan Hetherington,
Registered Psychical Researcher,
Established April 1975.

Sep 24, 2010
by: Anonymous

Thats so awesome dude =]

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