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The Ghost of Sainsburies

by Charles

It was locking up time amd my geography teacher was doing night work. (This was before he retired and came to my school). He and his friend were ready to lock up. But before they did, his boss (who was a women) said that they had a power problem. So they called in a electrician. He was really fat and had bulging eyes. His hair was black, short and flat. He went into the power supply room. But after that he never came out again. My teacher went in to look for him. There the man was lying on the hard ground.

They called an ambulance, who said that he died of an heart attack. Because he a smoked cigarette after a cigarette after a cigarette. They took his body away. Then when the power was working again, they closed down. To make sure that nothing could get in or out, they chained the door, tightened everything up and went to have a look around. Suddenly sirens went off. They realised that it was the alarm. They were very confused because of the chains. Then, the lights went out. It was a good thing they had their Nokia phones with them. Those phones had lights on them.

So they switched them on. They flashed them every where. Then they heard huffing and puffing. Once they turned them at that direction, they saw red, blood shot eyes! They then started panicking. they thought they had a wolf or some sort of wild animal in the building. Then they ran down the stairs into the office. They looked for a light. They finally found one. Then they looked around again. Only to find all the chains broken in half. Now these chains couldn't even be broken by an elephant! So they had no idea what it was that did it. Then they heard a loud scream! They ran to the place where it was coming from. There, in one of the rooms was a girl who worked at the shopping centre. She was as white as a ghost!

As my geography teacher touched her head, she was as hot as a steam engine! His fingers got burnt. Then they asked her what had happened. She said she saw the ghost of the dead electrician. She said that his eyes were missing so that you could see through the other side. Apart from that, he was a solid man. At first, they both thought she was out of her mind. That was until they looked at the CCTV camera. They saw the girl running around and around in circles. Then they saw white flashes every few secs! They had no idea what had happened that night but all they know was that something evil was in the building.

Then they never did night work again. Ask the ghost. He should know!

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