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LEFT for ghostsandstories.com

The Ghost In My Mind

by Patrick

My name is Joe and I was a normal guy like you once. That is, before it all began. It all started when I moved in this new house right next to a burial ground. But I didn't mind one bit. The man selling me the house warned me that there have been reports of people going insane for reasons unknown. All the F.B.I could get out of the poor victims was them screaming "My head! My head! Ow, my head!" But the strange thing is there was no mark on them. I pushed the story aside and moved in anyway.

Two weeks went by when it started to happen. I heard whispers as if someone was in the other room. But when I went to look, no one was there and I continued to hear the whispers. The days went by and the voices grew louder and I could make out what they were saying. Things like: "Get out! Now!," "I'm going to kill you!" and other such things. It got worse and worse until the noise pounded in my head like a very bad headache.

It hurt so much that I grabbed at my head and yelled: "Stop it! Stop all the screaming, please!" I ran out to the burial ground and the voices got louder. The strange thing is that I saw people walking by as if they couldn't hear it. It was only me that could. I walked up to the burial sites and screamed at it to stop. Begging and pleading for mercy but the only response was more voices of hatred. People next door came by and tried to help. I just dropped and started to cry and shake yelling: "Oh my head! The pain! Make the voices stop please!"

Only to be responded to with internal taunts and threats of evil forever.

The End

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