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The Ghost Girl

by Ashley

I think I have seen a ghost. This isnt the most unique story, but it is a story I have to tell. I was a small child when I saw the ghost. I could have been seeing things. I could have been hearing things.

My story starts when my parents were at the hospital, as my mother was giving birth to my younger sister. I was staying with my grandparents, who live in Beavercreek, Ohio. The first night I had trouble sleeping, since I had to sleep all alone in the guest bedroom in this strange house.

Late that night I saw a weird shadow. It looked like the shadow of a girl just a little bit older than I was at the time.

Frightened, I begged to sleep with my grandparents, just for that night. But the next night I was back in the guest bedroom. This night I saw more of the shadow figure. She showed herself to me. And I saw her. I can still remember that night, seeing the girl with black hair, black eyes, and skin literally as white as snow, walk across the room. She wore a smirk on her face, but she did not come near me. She walked across the room and was gone.

She never approched me until the next day. I was about to leave to go home and was in that room searching for something. I felt something touch my shoulder, but I turned around and saw...nothing. I was a really scared, but after telling about my ghost sighting and nobody believing me, I didn't want to tell about this. It was probablly just my overactive imagination, as I had been told.

That was my last overnight stay there until seven years later. But we went over there every Friday and it always felt so...odd. Like there was another...uninvited person lurking in the corners.

I didnt see or hear "Ghost Girl" as I called her when I was young, again for seven years. I was watching my sister play paper dolls in the living room while my parents were out of town and we were staying at my grandparents house again. Grandma was in the kitchen and Grandpa was out somewhere.

My sister and I heard a knocking on the walls. "Do that again," I asked. So it softly pounded again three times on the wall. "Show yourself," I said. And my sister and I saw the same girl I had seen years before. She was there a couple seconds and then, flash, she was gone.

Was it a real ghost? I have no clue. But my sister seeing it too leads me to believe it couldn't have been my imagination. I also have been led to believe it is one of my ancestors.

You see, I believe it is the ghost of the first born child of my great grandparents, and my grandma's older sister. Why she would be haunting her sister, I dont know.

All I know is she died at the age of 7, about the age of "Ghost Girl". Some of my family owned (and still owns) a farm up in Montana. My great grandfather was working on the farm and my grandma's older sister wanted to help out. My great grandfather let her get on the tractor and sit in his lap. Somehow, the girl ended up falling out of the tractor. I am NOT sure how, but she did, and she was killed under the tractor before her father could do anything.

I am still trying to figure out if she's a real ghost and if so, who's ghost she is, but this is my ghost story and I hope you liked it.

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