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The Front Door

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Dec 08, 2009
You may be living with a spirit/ghost?
by: Anonymous

I'm only guessing but you might be in an initial phase of experiencing "ghostly" activity in your house.

Most people assume everything is OK when it first starts. It is usually something samll, like the TV turning off and on, or the lights turn off and on, or the radio turning off and on and the volume being cranked up very loud..., and then it graduates to activities like banging on the walls, tapping on the windows, flushing the toilet, turning on the hot water full blast, turning up the thermostat, etc.

Things like car keys, tools, toys, etc. start disappearing. Frequently they reappear in some obvious place a short time later. Sometimes years can pass before you find your missing articles. You might even find things in your house that don't even belong to you.

Then you start seeing "things" in the dark that you explain as your imagination. Then you start hearing voices upstairs or downstairs. Then the voices whisper into your ear, waking you from your sleep. Then later pulling blankets off the bed, and possibly attempt to pull you off the bed as well. Shadow beings appear in hallways, bedrooms, bathrooms, well just about everywhere.

Then you wake in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, that is until you see one of these beings standing at the foot of your bed, just watching you. Then they stand right next to you at the side of your bed..., leaning over you while you may be asleep.

Anyway, it seems like they keep gradually increasing the "pressure" until you are feeling fear all the time. I believe that fear attracts them. Other things like violence, death, suicide, anger, rage (you get the idea) will also attract them, and "it all" could be from former tenants. This seems to indicate they are attracted to the house itself, and you just happened to walk into the house.

On old oriental woman I read about on another site simply stated, "don't talk to the dead, and don't invite the dead into your home." I believe God said something like that too.

I would advise you to get rid of any wayward spirits trying to take up residence in your home as soon as possible. They don't make good company, and you can forget about getting any decent sleep.

One last thing, don't try using a Ouija Board, automatic writing or other forms of divination to open a conversation with what or whoever is invading your home. This will only make things much worse very clearly.

Talking to it kindly, giving it a name, getting friendly with it will eventually lead to other activities that are meant to frighten you. Inevitably it all leads to trouble. If you just can't stand it, and must use a Ouija, do some research. Find out what has happened to others who took that path..., that may be enough to convince you to consider other strategies.

I hope I have not scared you. Consider contacting a minister or priest if you experience any more "other worldly" activity.

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