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The Force be With You! Episode 1

by Lisa B
(North of England)

I live in England and have had lots of experience of ghosts and unexplainable things and it would be nice to share them all with people who believe. In a previous house I lived in, I experienced several different events.

The house itself always seemed to have a dark cloud hanging over it. I would often see black figures hiding around the doorway to my sitting room and entering it via the stairs. My son who was only little, would often wake up not long after I'd lay him into bed. He would often scream and say there was a man there, sometimes, he would be waiting at one of the bedroom doors for me terrified to pass the other bedroom door saying the man was there.

My fellow used to work away at weekends and I didn't like staying on my own. I would sleep in the smaller room in a single bed, sharing it with my young son. Scratching noises on the wall beside my headboard often aggravated me and I would hear noises in the room while trying to get to sleep. Sometimes objects would fall and I was too scared to go look. One weekend, this came to a head; the aggravating seemed to become more intense. I jumped out of bed, ran to the landing, put the light on, sprang down the stairs putting every light on as I went. I sat on the side of the armchair. No sooner had I reached the bottom of the stairs and sat on this chair, I saw a force, which I can only describe as a whirlwind type energy but in the shape of a person speeding/gliding down the stairs.

The bottom of the stairs was out of site and no sooner did this thing, say, reach the bottom of the stairs, an overwhelming force stopped just short of an inch of my face. I can describe it. If you put your hand away from your face and then bring your hand as if to slap your face but stop before you hit yourself as quick as you can, then you will experience the wind which was pushed to my face. I felt as though it was at my face, quite intimidating. It came down those stairs at an amazing speed. When it was at my face I could not see it. My legs buckled and I literally fell off the chair. I ran to my neighbors terrified.

Another night, my son had left the sitting room door open and my attention was alerted to a white ghost. It was exactly like the famous one on the stairs, as if it had a sheet over it, covering the head too. Like you see Mother Mary. It had no face, only dark, it had no legs or feet, and it stood there as if it did have legs and feet though! I could see all the details of the gown, all the creases. It stood staring at me as if it had no hands and it was very real. It stayed for about ten seconds and then vanished. I never like to leave doors open now for fear someone or something will walk in. This story was only the beginning...

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