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The Cabin

by Kailey B.

I was in my grampa's cabin about a year ago, and it was in the middle of no where in the Missouri woods. I ran ahead of my family when we were taking a little walk in the woods.

My mom said it was fine as long as I could hear her yell for me when it was time to go. I found an old rusty tiny shed about a mile from the cabin, deep in the woods. It seemed to be unoccupied so I tried to open the door. But before I reached the knob it opened by itself, I told myself it was just the wind.

I walked inside and nearly jumped because the squeak of the floor boards sounded like someone was screaming. Across the 4'by 4' room there was a sink. I took a step toward it. Suddenly, an old crippled women appeared out of nowhere and started washing her hands in the sink.

I collapsed onto the floor scared to death while she floated/skidded across to me. A child about 10-looking, along side her. I woke to my mom screaming outside the shed. I realized the sink was still on and had overflowed creating a puddle around me.

I raced out of the shed.

"Why were you hiding behind that tree, you almost gave me a heart-attack," my mom half yelled.

"I-I-I," I stammered sobbing.

"Shhh," my mom said.

I turned around and behind me was only a tree, no shed. I told my family the hole story when we reached the cabin. My grampa said that a kid about 14 ran to his cabin screaming with the same story as mine.

Thanks to that shed my whole family thinks I'm stupid and a liar.

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