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The Black Thing

I live by the road that takes you to the old ghost town. About half a mile up that road you will come upon an old log chute, used in the late 1800's. There is also a barn that looks like an old post office or something, and a mill. By the old log chute, there is a waterfall. When I was in Junior high I would always play up there with my younger brothers and we would catch frogs.

There is also a hill that is located across from my house. It's all pretty much conjoined together. Anyway, there's an old story that was told to my friend and I one day, that a young girl was killed up on that hill and her body was never discovered. Being the age that we were, we believed it all. So one day we were up on that hill playing around, when we stumbled upon a set up that was like a bed. We weren't sure what to make of it so we quickly moved out of there. We were back onto the road and decided to go play by the waterfall.

The log chute I mentioned before goes all the way down to the barn. We had decided to walk it because it looked fun and we had nothing better to do. We made it all the way down and back to the waterfall when we saw it. It wasn't in any shape or form, it was just a black mass. We weren't sure what it was, but didn't want to stick around to find out. We ran back to our houses and stayed there. The next week we had pushed it out of our minds thinking we were just overreacting. Well we went back to her house one afternoon to grab a basketball. When we walked into her house we saw the mass again, it quickly bolted around the corner, then disappeared into her mom's bedroom. We ran out of the house quickly and didn't go back in until her mom came home. The rest of the summer we would see it every so often. Either at my house, her house, or on the hill.

One day I was home by myself and had gotten bored. I don't know why, but I decided to go up to the waterfall by myself. I was doing fine, didn't see anything so I thought maybe it was gone. I had made it pretty far down the log chute when I came upon this plastic- like tunnel that is there. It's about a twenty-foot long tunnel. It was too short to crawl through, so I just walked around it. At about the halfway mark I heard something jump on it, except it sounded like it was metal, but as I said the tunnel was plastic-ish. I quickly ran back home. Since then I haven't been up there, and that was about five years ago. We can still see the thing, but it doesn't bother us much anymore.


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