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That house was haunted!

by Lisa
(Santa Rosa, Ca)

As a young single mother in need of a place to stay I came upon a room for rent in an fairly old five bedroom house. There were two bedrooms downstairs that were occupied. The three rooms upstairs were being used for storage. I agreed to rent one of the upstairs rooms.

I became good friends with the woman that lived downstairs. She often told me she felt something strange as she walked up the stairs. It was as though she was being pushed down the stairs.

I am an artist and would often paint and draw in my room while my son slept at night. On one occasion, I was painting and feeling quite sorry for myself, when all at once all the pictures fell from the walls and the lights turned out by themselves. I was freaked out but got up the courage to turn on the lights. I then spoke to the ghost out loud telling it that this is my space, I would not leave, and it could have the rest of the upstairs.

I didn't experience anything like that again while living there. Although it always felt like I was being watched.

Many years later I again saw the woman I lived with. She told friends she was with that we had lived together when we were younger. Then with conviction she looked at me and said, that house was haunted.

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