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LEFT for ghostsandstories.com

Guardian Angel

by Cheyanne

Well mine�s not really a ghost story but somewhat like that. It happened about 4 years ago. It was sometime before Christmas. I was up really late one night. She wasn�t home that night. My boyfriend was sleeping at the time as he was going to school part time and working part time. He would get up and leave before seven in the morning to drive to school almost two hours away.

About an hour before that I was wrapping presents in my sister�s room and my 2-year old son was still awake with me so I laid down so he would go to sleep. I didn�t realize how tired I was and fell asleep, too. Then I remember when my boyfriend got up and left at seven I woke up and heard him go out the door exactly at seven. Then I started dreaming and in my dream I was sleeping (like I really was) when I heard someone call my name. It was like any other time when my mom or sister would come over and walk in if I was sleeping and call my name. Then I would hear them from my room and come to greet them.

So in my dream I heard someone call my name. I got up and started walking down the hall and it was all like fuzzy or something. I got to my sisters room where I was wrapping presents and woke up and realized the fire alarm was going off and smoke was coming from that room but the door was closed and without realizing it I just opened the door and black smoke came flying out really fast. So I ran back to my room, grabbed my son and went out my window to the cop�s that lived next door and woke him up to report the fire. The fire truck and everything came.

If someone hadn�t woken me up, my son and me probably wouldn�t be here. And I�ve never sleep walked in my life and I never have since. I believe it was my late dad who passed away when I was pregnant with my son watching over me.

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Something lets us know that it's there

by Carol
(South Dakota)

So first I should tell you that we just bought this house about one year ago, and it is fairly old. The garage used to be the old school house. I was told that this town was a witness to a terrible fire that killed plenty and wounded far more. We never actually witnessed any paranormal activity until my fianc� started to remodel one of the bedrooms for our 3-month-old son.

At first it just started out as little things that you barely notice: unexplainable noises, the door closing by itself, and so on, until our attention was finally brought to the room when our Rottweiler sat in front of the bedroom with her hair on end...she would not stop growling fiercely at the door, and when we tried to move her, she snapped at us. We shrugged it off and joked around about us disturbing a spirit by tearing the room apart, until I jumped into the shower one day (we have no electricity in the bathroom because he is rewiring), using some candles I had lit as lighting, when they got blown out one by one.

Now if you must know, I am the type of person that gets scared very easily.

I jumped out of the bathroom and rushed into the living room where I started to yell at my significant other when he interrupts me and says, �What are you talking about?" He can�t lie without giving himself up, so I knew he really had no idea what I was talking about. Now days I will be sitting at this computer, which is positioned so that my back is to the room, and I will hear a noise and notice that the door is opened when it was closed or vice versa...and I can�t help but get that feeling that someone is watching my every move.

I will be sure to tell another story if something else happens.

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Dead Flight

by Jerod Blake Lasater

My friends and I were out one night, riding dirt bikes on a field that stretched for an acre. We didn't know much about that field at the time, we just thought it was some old field. There were parts of it we hadn't seen before.

That's where it began.

It was a little after dusk and the stars were starting to come out. We were just coming over a hill when we spotted a man about two hundred yards from where we were located. We were scared because, well, it's a large field and no one would really want to come here at 7:30 pm. We drove towards him to see if it was really a person. He was a tall, muscular man with long black hair, wearing a light brown shirt and dark green pants.

"What are you boys doing out here so late?" he asked.

"Just riding," we said.

We asked him who he was and he said Squadron Leader Mathews. We asked him what he was doing out here and he said, "My Mustang went down about three-hundred yards from here."

"You mean your mustang BROKE down."

"No, her engine failed at three hundred feet." He pointed at an airfield.

We never saw that airfield but it was abandoned years ago after the war. He told us that he took off from that airfield.

"But that airfield has been abandoned for years," we said, but when we looked at him he was gone. We thought he might have run away but then realized if he had, we would still see him.

We quickly got on our bikes and left.

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Ghost Hiding in our SMART Clinic

by Mike L
(Okinawa, Japan)

So, here's my story, I've been working on Camp Kinser at the Smart Clinic for almost a year now and I've seen and heard some pretty eerie things, whether I'll be working in the mornings by myself and seeing shadows walk around behind me or hearing footsteps walking down the hallway. I've kind of just brushed it off.

Recently however, there have been a few incidents. At our work we have a long hallway from the waiting room to the patient care area, and along this hallway we have a 60 lb metal door that opens to expose our air conditioning and heating system. It's pretty dark and creepy looking in there, and there's a little cement hatch leading into the attic of the clinic, if you could call it that. It's more like a crawl space.

Well anyways this door, on occasion when we open in the morning or come in to grab some personal belongings on the weekends, will be open, not like a crack, but WIDE open. Even on one occasion I came in on a Saturday and it was open so I closed it went into the back to my locker, changed into my PT gear came back out and there it was wide open!

And today was the worst which happens to be the 23rd of Feb '09! I came to work as usual, a little before 6 a.m, to open up the clinic. The door happened to be closed, but down here on Kinser it happened to be a little humid so there was condensation on the floor. I turned the lights on and turned to make sure it was just condensation. I just stepped on what must have been some substance that might have spilled. And there next to my giant footprints (I wear a size 13 shoe) were much smaller ones--about maybe half the size of mine!! No one could have gotten in! There's no way!

So tonight my buddy and I are going to leave a camcorder on and see if we can catch a ghostie!! Keep you posted!

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The Unexpected Visitor

by Ms. Katilyst
(Beardstown, IL, USA)

This happened to my boyfriend about 3 or 4 years ago. We were not dating then but we were very close.

It was around April and my boyfriend (Ryan) woke up to what he thought was our friend Toast (actual nickname) sitting at the foot of his bed at his parent's house around 3 or 4 AM. Suddenly "Toast" got up and walked downstairs. Ryan follows and no one is there. His parents were on vacation that week and Toast said he left at about 11:30 PM.

I also have done a little ghost hunting & caught an EVP in the house. So to me the story I just told you seems to me to be legitimate. Unfortunately, my DVR broke when it fell down a flight of stairs... (my own fault at that)

But that's our story. I hope you like it.

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The White House Retreat #2 By Kar

by Kar
(Saint Louis, Missouri, USA)

I presently work at the White House Retreat. Although there are many stories connected to the White House, I have only felt a peace there. I did have one experience, but a nice one. It was either the first or second day I was there.

I was walking to my car and saw a man standing under a tree next to the walking path, just off the parking lot. He was dressed as a monk. He smiled at me, nodded and had his hand up towards me as in a wave (but didn't actually wave). I didn't think too much about it, I thought he was probably a visitor. I just smiled back, nodded my head at him and gave a little wave. I serve in the dining room and found myself looking for him in the dining room the next couple of days but never saw him. I asked if there were any monks that stayed there and was told no.

Maybe it was my welcome to the White House Retreat.

Again, I welcome any comments. I am interested in knowing what you may have felt when you stayed there. This is a place to refresh your heart and mind in a relationship with our Father God. When God sends us peace, the devil will come and try to destroy that peace. The White House is a place to build up that strength against that evil. A place of solace and prayer.

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The Spectre of the Horse Drawn Carriage

by Keith Harris

Slade Green, Kent - 1978

It was a balmy night and the bedroom window was slightly ajar. Vivienne had drifted off into sleep beside me in the bed and I was reading something, my head propped against the headboard of the big double bed.

I'd paused to reflect on my reading and was gazing over the book toward the end of the bed and the window but not really looking at anything in particular, as you sometimes do when drifting into thought.

A flicker of unexpected movement beyond the bed and to the right broke my contemplations, but its complete unexpectedness combined with the fact that I knew there was no one else in the room but Vivienne froze my reactions for a few moments. But what I saw remains clear to me to this day.

The movement that caught my eye had been the appearance out of thin air in the room of the spectre of a gold gilded, black Victorian horse-drawn covered carriage, with one man dressed in black in the driver's seat and holding the reins. The carriage was empty.

Soundlessly it moved across the room from right to left and before my stunned senses could react the horse - or horses, I still cannot be sure to this day if the carriage was drawn by one or two horses - began disappearing through the wall that separated us from the neighbouring house in our second storey, end of block maisonette home.

Then I was shaking Vivienne but of course as she stirred from sleep it was too late - the whole spectral vision had simply passed through the wall and I was left like an idiot trying to explain what I had just witnessed to the sleepy woman beside me.

Before I go on, no - I had ingested no drugs, drunk no alcohol, am not prone to hallucinations, whatever they may be, am and was of good sound mind and am intelligent about enlightenment.

There was no explanation other than to accept I had seen what I had seen. That came a few days later, by even more unexpected means.

I was sitting in our living room and Vivienne was preparing a meal in the kitchen when the knock came on our front door. Vivienne reached the door at the same time as I did and we opened the door to two strangers, a young man and a young woman. The woman carried a collection tin and began to explain.

"We're doing a house to house collection for the girl at the end of the block," she said.

I had no idea what she was speaking about and said so. She looked nonplussed for a moment before saying: "You haven't heard ... ?"

They told us that a young married woman living in the ground floor maisonette at the other end of our block had suddenly passed away a few days ago. The collection was to help her bereaved young husband, who was out of work and had been nursing her through her illness.

After they had left we made no connection with the odd scene I had witnessed in our bedroom. The connection happened a few days later. We were again in bed, when our young cat wandered into the room, walked across to the window and jumped up. The window was hinged open a few inches and after a moment of hesitation the cat stepped out onto the gently downward sloping three-inch wide ledge that ran along the outside of the 8 ft long window and gingerly began creeping towards the far end. The problem was the far window was closed and the cat suddenly realised there was nowhere to go other than to turn around on the narrow ledge and make its way back.

By now I was sitting up in bed alarmed, the window was about 50ft from the ground. I was trying to figure out what if anything I could do when the cat attempted the impossible turn and slipped off the ledge.

In a flash I was over to the window and had flung it open to look down. It was dark, with just a little light spilling out from other windows but I couldn't see anything. I hauled on some clothes and shoes and grabbed a torch on the way out, wondering just what I'd find. We'd only had the cat a few months, given to us by a neighbour.

There was a large grassed area on the side of the building that the cat had fallen and edging the base of the building was a 2ft wide strip of plants and shrubbery, though it was mostly overgrown with weeds. The cat was nowhere to be seen.

I found it crouched inside the shrubbery immediately below our bedroom window and it didn't appear to be injured, but it did look very shocked. I carefully took it out and was relieved it didn't protest. At that point Vivienne appeared in slippers and a dressing gown and with her help I was better able to examine the animal. It didn't appear hurt at all, perhaps bruised but nothing else. We took it back indoors.

It proved to have been miraculously uninjured and went on about life as normal, sitting on indoor window ledges looking out, but it never went out an open window again.

When we returned to our bed, my thoughts were on what had happened and so the memory of the spectre returned.

Over the days we had learned more of the unfortunate death of the young woman. She had been terminally ill for some time and her young husband was helping to look after her at home.

One Saturday night the young man was preparing to go along to his local for his weekly few beers with his mates but his young ill wife told him she felt particularly bad that night. Instead of going into the nearby pub, he decided instead to get some cans of beer and take them straight home.

Tragically when he returned home with the beers less than fifteen minutes later, he found her dead.

Tracing back the days with Vivienne, I found that the night I had seen the spectre of the carriage was the same night that the young woman had passed away, although the timing is a little inconsistent, as it would have been around midnight that I saw the ghostly vision.

The tale did not end there. A very short time after the death of his wife, the young man moved out of the house, perhaps feeling unable to continue living there. Several days later neighbouring residents telephoned police after hearing noises in the empty property and thinking it had been broken into.

When police arrived they were completely baffled at what they found. There were no signs at all of any break in and the maisonette was empty, but cupboards and drawers were open and items had been haphazardly scattered around inside the property, particularly in the kitchen.

The next day, local council workers boarded up the empty property's front door and all windows. But the strangeness was to continue.

Again, a few days later, neighbours rang police to report loud crashing noises coming from inside the boarded up maisonette. When police arrived, they too heard crashing noises from within, but found all windows and the door to be tightly boarded with no way in or out of the property. The fire brigade was called to get into the building.

No more sounds were heard and when police eventually entered the building they found it had been ransacked even more violently than before, with many items broken and items flung about.

The events became news and soon after, at the request of the local authorities, a senior cleric carried out an official exorcism at the property. Following the exorcism, no further disturbances were reported to have taken place.

Before moving away from the area ourselves, I was sitting in the Sun pub by the railway station and was telling a local man about the odd event of the ghostly carriage. He listened thoughtfully and after a time asked if I knew much of the history of Slade Green. I didn't, and he told me how the maisonettes were built on land that was a former mud plain alongside the nearby River Thames and that the land had sunk considerably over many years.

He said that there had once been an important carriage route that passed through Slade Green, linking routes into London from places such as Canterbury, Rochester and Margate.

He said it was also quite possible that the original route might have been on a level when it exited with what was now the top floor of a two story maisonette block.

By Keith Harris

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Ghosts and Hauntings - Night On The ATV

by Perry Lee Kaigler Jr.
(West Palm Beach, FL, USA)

Raptor 350

Raptor 350

My name is Perry Kaigler, and this is my ghost story.

It happened 6 years ago when I was 14. I use to live with my grandparents in the acreage of South Florida, and my grandfather used to always tell my uncles and me not to ride our ATV's after midnight. But being boys, we didn't listen. So one night we take off around 2:55 to 3:00 with a couple of friends. We all came to a stop to take a break and talk. All of a sudden we hear a voice asking to please help.

Within 5 seconds we're here it again, "Help me . . . . please," and out of nowhere a really light, see-through figure came out of the bushes so we all started up and ran.

Now that night I didn't ride my bike. I was on the back of my uncle's, and as we rode off into the night I look back and see a black figure chasing us.....and it's keeping up. All of a sudden I guess it gave up because it turn off into the trees.

That's ONE of my real ghost stories.

Perry Kaigler

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Ghosts At The White House Christian Retreat In Saint Louis, Missouri

by Kar
(Saint Louis, MO, USA)

There are many stories about this Christian retreat that sits high on the bluffs next to the Mississippi river. It is a three-day retreat, yet many have left before the three days are up. I am sure you all remember the movie "The Exorcist." The boy whom this movie was written about was actually kept at the retreat for a short time.

One day, he pulled away from the priests while outside and tried to jump off a bluff. He was moved to Alexia Brothers Hospital. He stayed in room 110 at the White House Retreat. A housekeeper who worked there found a picture of Jesus that hung on the wall and a crucifix in that room, in a drawer. She also experienced voices. People have seen and heard many things there. There are caves that run under the retreat. The basement offers some access to them. Some only go so far. There have been deceased souls seen in certain areas. There have been voices heard also in certain areas of the basement.

I would be very interested in reading any stories of people who have worked there or have been there on a retreat and experienced anything. I just find it very interesting.

Have you been there? Have you seen or heard anything while you were there? I am sure someone out there has.

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Time Travel Tales

by Manda
(Chelan, WA)

Well, almost a year ago, I worked at a candle shop. The lady I worked for was named Teddy and she owned the shop. Anyway, I was loading and stocking candles on the shelves and I ran out so I had to go into her basement to get the candles. Teddy never told me her house was built on a really old cemetery... so on my way down I heard voices and when I got down there I didn't see her basement, I saw an old surgical room and what I saw was something I cant explain. I saw three surgeons working on someone and I realized it was a soldier... from what war I don't know but what I saw was really creepy and spine chilling.

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�Day of the Banshee��

by Jennifer S

Such an unusual way to begin an unusual story. This is not a tale suited as a bedtime story, nor is it a chronicle of random gibberish where you�d expect its frightening end to be about flying white sheets or old transparent ladies.

This is a story of an incident that took place in Canada just a few weeks ago.

For several days, the weather had been behaving rather oddly in the area we were visiting. A fitting description for heavy rain, howling winds and a black sky, when it was supposed to be spring. Granted, I wasn�t expecting cute little bunnies frolicking around, but I was expecting sunshine or anything not efficiently killing the mood. It didn�t help much either, that Laura�s rather wealthy aunt had passed away and left her with nothing but a creepy house that had been abandoned since the day she died. �Turngate� that is the name of the house. I�ll be blunt, if you think it probably has a long and boring history of gruesome events tied to it, like in a clich� horror flick�well, it seems that it has. Not exactly founded upon an Indian graveyard, oh no, it just seems that women and children have died brutally at that location. And Laura�s aunt found that to be very exciting and decided to live there. And now she�s dead.

It didn�t get any better that a mysterious case of death had happened; at least that was what we could make of some of the people in Hastings when shopping for provisions. Some guy had decided to go adventuring in the house some years ago and went missing for some days. Rumors had it that he vanished without a trace. Some others believed he moved away, but there was this creepy story that his body was found on the outskirts of the forest, his hair turned white and his eyes had been removed. But the body then disappeared from the mortuary, leaving the local authorities baffled.

Folklore or urban legend? I think that�s what Laura and Jennifer thought, cause naturally we had to go exploring in the house, even though it was in the middle of nowhere. I�ll admit that�s how a bad movie starts, Jen was freaked out from the start. I think the whole mess began when we started psyching each other up with stories about serial killers, so it turned into a �who gets scared� competition with Laura getting the terrific idea of splitting up while exploring.
To be honest I wasn�t scared, but Jen looked like she was going to faint at any minute before I headed into the kitchen. As expected it was empty, dusty and the stench of the contents of the fridge that expired last year, was near unbearable. I was already on my way out of the kitchen, when I noticed the tapestry. The letters �TUURNGAIT� were clawed in, talk about having a bad taste. The same thing didn�t exactly apply for the ceiling, it was just painted black. I believe Laura was rummaging around upstairs, because it seemed that the black paint was moving slightly, and a drop of the paint or tar or whatever undefined substance it was, landed in my right eye. Rather disgusting, but right after that I heard the scream.

Even now when I think of it, it hurts in my ears. It was piercing and relentless. I don�t know how else to describe it, other than it sounded like the scream of a woman or a girl being tormented. But it was immaterial, it seemed to be coming from within the walls. I think that�s what they describe as a �banshee� in certain movies. I guess when the shock had settled a few minutes later, I was finally able to control my knees and on my way to meet the others. Or rather, to yell at them, as I was certain that one of them was to be held responsible for the little prank. One of them was in an awful hurry at least, I saw her shadow quickly running into another room.

I went up the stairs, and to my surprise both of them were already present. Needless to say, all three of us ended up arguing. Me and Jennifer decided to return back to the States, but Laura wanted to stay for some days and find her own way home.

That was a couple of weeks ago.

And the day after Laura, my best friend, vanished without a trace. Of course the police dismissed my story as yet another urban legend revolving around the house, suspecting another crime they could add to their list of unsolved mysterious. And as I am writing this, fully knowing that most people will demand to have me locked up, I can honestly say that not even half the story has been told yet. There is more than meets the eye. Something is happening. Here. Now.

I saw a shadow yesterday, out of the corner of my eye. Shaped like a black solid fog, that seemed to be moving towards me. But when I looked, it was gone.

I feel that I am being chased, whenever I leave my house. When I went to bed yesterday, I could swear that I heard something whispering Turngate. My imagination, right?

Perhaps that�s why I decided just to write it all down and share the story. Get closure of some sorts if I can find someone who will believe me. I�ve done my fair share of crying already, now people just need to know.

Enough writing for today, my eyes have been hurting. They have been hurting since I got home from Canada. But the story doesn�t end here, it goes on.

My website is: www.ghostbody.com. Perhaps the story will continue.

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The Ghost That Came Home With Me

by Marjorie Sharpe
(Vancouver B.C Canada)

I'm sorry it's been such a long time getting back with a real story about my houseguest, who I will call Bobby. I guess you will want to know where I found Bobby. I've been working in this hotel that is 130 years old. And from the start of my job I felt like I was being watched and sometime I'd see a man standing at the phone looking in at me in front of the offices. The whole time I didn't think he was a ghost because he was not see- through at all. That was until one day when he showed himself to me at home.

The first thing I felt was how cold my living room was getting. Then I saw something just of my left side and I turned around to look over to the hall and the same man I saw watching me at work was standing in my home for about one min. He looked at me, then he smiled at me and all this time I didn't move or say a word. Right after his smile, he turned and walked toward the front door. The door did not open because it made lots of noise but when I looked all over the house I didn't found him. All my windows and doors were locked. I didn't see him for some time but things started to go missing and some time later I find my keys or one of the books I was reading go missing.

I found my keys in one of my flower holders for cut flowers and the book was up in the ceiling light shade in the bedroom. Sometime I'd come and find that my bed was moved away from the wall, and it was moved to the wall on the left side of my bedroom. Sometime I'd come home and find all my light bulbs were sitting in the living room on the floor, yet not one of them was broken. Also my cats are always watching the door to the hall. I would go and see if anything was in the hall. When this would happen it would take some time for my cats get back to normal. I have never felt that he would hurt my cats or myself.

I have not felt him around for some time now, but things are still going missing. This is all for now, but when I feel better I'll look into this some more and get back to you.

PS I think this man was a cowboy in the old days out West when gold was found. Last week I had a dream where he told me he came to town from the gold fields with a lot of money. Later that day he went and had some beer and a lady of the night. He said the lady's boyfriend found them in bed and a fight started in the room and ended up in blood alley where he was killed in a gunfight and was robbed of his money and his loot. Just after he told me, I woke up feeling like he was still in my room. Well that's all for now. I'll get back to you soon.


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Strange Awakening

by Carl
(Abilene, TX, USA)

I wish to tell you a real story about a encounter I actually saw when I was around 9 years old. This is true and I have never seen anything like this since. Me and My brother slep in the back room. We lived in the country (not in a town) - Central Texas. The nearest neighbor was about 1/2 mile away. One night I awoke to see something at my window. Because we had dogs (3 bluehillers) - I opened the back door and walked out the looking towards the window. Hovering at the window was a silver sphere - ball shaped and just floating at the window. I believe that it saw me looking at it - and it immediately dropped. It bounced away from me like a basketball. Each time it bounced it was away from me. I walked towards it and it kept bouncing away. With each bounce - the sphere bounced higher into the air. After about 9 bounces - the sphere shot straight up into the air and was gone. The dogs were not around. I never felt afraid, I guess because it was so small. I had grown up around horses, dogs, and cattle - nothing scared me at that age.
Years later after my family left the old house, me and my brother visited our abondoned home. No one was there except me and my brother - we were both around 20 years old. A dime flew and hit the wall - like someone had thrown it really hard. It bounced and landed ont he floor. It freaked us out and we left right away.
There are two other stories revolving around the house and I might tell you about them someday.

Boo!Space is calling. Where are you?

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The Field Second Part (TRUE STORY)

by Ryan E
(Dublin, Ireland, UK)

Ever since I went into the field with my cousin, we have both been haunted. This ghost has haunted everyone else that I have told about it and before they did not believe in ghosts until now. The names of the team are Conor, Stephen, Cian, Robyn, David, and I, Ryan.

We have got evidence of the ghost on our phones. I went to my cousin's again with my brother so there were three of us we went into the field again but more prepared for it. We cut through a forest and eventually it came to an end to an old fence. I was the only one to get over it because it was barbed wire so I went on my own and had to walk through another forest. I was recording every second I then hearted someone call me so I went in the direction and it led me to a type of shed where I discovered the writing that said, "Die." So I knew where I was.

I was still scared because I heard someone calling me from inside the shed. Then I saw something look at me. I wanted to run, but I froze and I know it was not human because nobody worked in that shed for years and it is just my cousins that live the nearest to it. They are a couple of miles away from it. The ghost started to come towards me so I pointed the video camera at it and decided to run for my life.

When I got home I tried to not say anything to the adults because they never believe us so I went to my brother and my cousin Cain and Robyn and told them what happened, but when I showed them the video it was blank and it was recording perfectly at the time. It has been haunting me for 6 years.

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Firewatch Story.........

by Martin A
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

A long time ago, when I was younger, I was in the Marine ROTC program. I had visited a base in the US. I had lost a bet in the flip the coin game. I had heads but landed tails. So I lost.

Around 0200 hundred in the morning. I heard some noises in the head (restroom). I went to investigate. I thought it was someone messing around. When I arrived, the head was very cold, to the point that I could see my breath in the air. As I entered the head, I noticed someone standing, and I shouted, "Who�s there!?" For a few seconds, there was no answer. I pointed my weapon and flashlight towards him. I saw the light going through him, so I got scared. I noticed he was wearing a different uniform. His face was sort of white, his stomach wasn�t there, he had a hole in his stomach.

I didn�t know what to do afterwards, so I locked and loaded the weapon, ready to fire. When I asked him to Identify himself, I saw his lips moving, like he was talking to me, but I didn�t hear him. I started stepping backwards in little steps, and as I move, he moves. I turn around and there�s 2 people at the door way, and I started to say, "F**k, f**k, f**k," in a low voice. When I turned in the same direction as before to check if he�s still there, he wasn�t. I checked to see the two soldiers. There�s no one there any more.

So I ran out of the head and went back into the barracks. The next morning, I was informed that in that barracks, a few people had died.

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Driving Home

by Hassan J
(Chicago, Illinois)

I go to dental school in Minnesota and was driving home to Chicago to see my parents after a long and hard week of final exams. I left my apartment in Minneapolis around 8 pm and figured I'd be home around 3 am. In retrospect, when I think about it, I probably should have gotten a good night sleep before driving but I figured, what the heck, I'm already wired on enough coffee so I should be able to make it home without falling asleep.

Lo and behold within 2 hours of being on the road, my eyelids are closing, so I pull in to a rest stop in Wisconsin just off I-90. I keep the engine running, turn up the air conditioning, lock my doors and rest my head on the headrest. I figure, all I need is a good 30 minute power nap and I'll be all set to hit the road again.

So, I'm asleep and I hear something weird coming from the back of the car. At first I thought I was dreaming so I ignored it. A few minutes later I hear it again. Now it sounds like a mechanical noise, kind of like a clunking sound. So I'm thinking to myself, I just had this car checked by my mechanic from top to bottom so what the heck is that noise? I look in my rear view mirror and I swear I see some weird whitish-bluish looking outline. To describe it better, it looks like a chalk outline you might see at a murder investigation site, however, and this is the kicker, it is standing up!

My heart skips a couple beats while I am looking at this thing. So I close my eyes and tell myself I'm imagining all this and that my exhaustion is simply playing tricks on me. I open my eyes and wallah, it's gone! Phew!!! Anyways, I get out of the car and walk around the back and look around and underneath the car. I'm thinking, it's probably some mechanical issue that I will have checked in Chicago. No big deal. So I get back in the car and hit the road.

A few miles later that sound starts up again. The same old clunking metallic like sound. Now I'm getting a bit annoyed since the sound is getting louder and more constant. I look in my rear view mirror, nothing, a couple seconds later I look again and guess what!!! That illuminated outline is there again. Only this time, rather than a simple outline, it looks like it has a face. I can't really describe if it was a man or woman. All I can say is that it was basically staring at me and the man/woman looked young. It also seemed like blue light was piercing through the skin of his/her face.

Ok, now I'm freaking out!! I'm generally a pretty brave individual and at this point I'm getting a really weird tingling sensation traveling down my neck. Every second or so, I look in the mirror and this man/woman is staring back at me. It doesn't disappear like the first time.

Ok, I know what you are thinking. There's someone hiding in my back seat playing a joke on me right? Wrong! Guess what my friends. My car is a little sports car with only two seats. So, whatever is staring back at me is outside somewhere. Oh and by the way, the clunking noise is getting louder. It sounds like someone is banging a hammer on the trunk. You may also be thinking that maybe someone on a motorcycle is just following me close behind, but trust me, that wasn't the case. Anyways by now, the noise has stopped again and the image of that figure is gone.

I pull off the interstate to a gas station to fill up. I walk around the back of the car and look around again. Nothing! But when I touch the trunk it feels ice cold as if the car was in an ice storm. The funny part is that this incident happened in June and the weather was around 75 degrees that night. At this point my knees are shaking and the hair on my arms are standing straight up. The rest of my trip was uneventful except for the fact that my legs felt numb!

A couple days later I took my car to the Nissan dealer and described the metallic sound to the mechanic. I showed him approximately where it was coming from. He put the car up on the hoist and found absolutely nothing wrong.

I can't be sure of what that noise was. Furthermore, I don't know if my mind was playing tricks on me but I am very sure I saw what I saw. I really can't think of any logical explanation for what happened so I can only assume it was paranormal.

I've traveled that route several times since then in the same car and never experienced the same thing. Make of it what you will and thanks for reading about my experience. Any logical explanations from other readers are definitely appreciated.

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