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Comments for
Strange Stuff in Here!

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Jul 26, 2009
I live there too and...
by: Kristen

Well, I've never heard of anything relatively close to this. If you did find a pool of blood, you would have reported it to the police, and it would definitely be somewhere in the news. I'm sorry but this isn't very believable.

Apr 21, 2009
Ooh Goodness
by: Anonymous

I have read many of the stories on here. Most actually. Alot of the comments are like ooh scary and all that. I was looking for one to strike me, and YOURS DID! This is a great story and well written too.

Mar 25, 2009
From Park Ridge, IL...I believe you.
by: Drake

Holy God that would have scared the bejesus out of me. Great story...I could just visualize it like I experienced it. What did your parents say when you guys discovered the blood? I believe you. There are things in this world you cannot explain. I have heard some wild stories about blood on walls. Perhaps you can check around with the neighbors on who used to live in your house. I have seen some stories about blood being seen running down the walls, or on the floor. Perhaps it was...caused by idiots who might have worshiped Satan in your house before you guys moved in. Perhaps the guy that died out there was making you scared. So weird. In my experience...it was only the devil. He can trick you into thinking all kinds of crazy things. Check out my story...called Ouija Board at IU...if you dare. I advise you not to be alone late at night...while you read it. May cause nightmares. I swear I even had my doubts about the afterlife...until that night. I will never mess with it again.

Feb 03, 2009
by: mama jo

sorry that was not believable at all

Jan 31, 2009
AWESOME STORY!!!!!!!!!!!
by: Hannah

Whoa!That seemed scary!I agree,you shouldn`t stay home alone!!!

Jan 02, 2009
Wo knows?
by: Anon

Sorry but I couldn't believe your story.

Nov 16, 2008
by: Roger SPS

hi, my name is Roger, I just read your story and is quite scary, well my team and I would like to know if you would like to have and investigation going in your house, we don't charge any money and are very profesional, we are located in Steger IL so your place must be pretty close to us, if you would like Us to investigate, please contact me at rmendoza at consultant dot com or rogermendoza atlive dot com , we hope to hear from you, and thanks

Oct 03, 2008
by: Anonymous

that is creapy im sorry that happened to you. Just make sure you always have an eye open and never stay home alone

Oct 01, 2008
by: Anonymous

So Scary...
How do you feel after that??

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