Stained Closets and a Ghost

by Kaitlynn Horton
(Heyworth, IL, USA)

Hey everyone! My name is Kaitlynn. I'm the daughter of GySgt (Gunnery Sergeant) Brian Hill. This past summer, I was visiting my Daddy Brian and my mom on Kadena Air Force Base on Okinawa. Everything was going great! I've never really believed in ghosts or apparitions and I had always heard that Okinawa was haunted.

But on the 3rd night of my day, we had a cook out to celebrate my 15th birthday. Their neighbor’s dogs were at our house. One of them was following me around because I kept giving it treats.

I went upstairs to my room, and the dog stopped at the door. It started growling and its hair was bristling. I didn't understand. My older sister had told me that none of their dogs (they got rid of them) would ever go into that room for some reason.

So I decided to do a little experiment. I picked the dog up and brought him into the room, set him on my bed, and stepped away. The dog went CRAZY!! He started barking and growling and bristling. He ran to the closet and started scratching on a spot on the ground. The spot in my closet had always been darker than the rest of the carpet in my room. Then the dog literally jumped on the spot and tried to bite it.

As soon as that happened, the power went out. The room immediately got cold. A few seconds later, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a spark of light illuminate a corner of my room. The dog bolted out the door, yelping all the way. The street lamp outside my window flickered, and I walked over to the window.

Outside, there was a little girl I had never seen before. She was crying and holding her knee. I was on the second floor, but I can climb out my window and get to the ground from my roof. So I climbed down and started walking towards the girl.

I asked her what was wrong. She looked up, and she said, "Help me please…" and then she disappeared. She literally just faded away. It was the weirdest thing I had ever seen and experienced.

I'm still freaked out and I'm back in the states now. It's been like 7 months since then. Needless to say, every night I was there, I looked outside at the same time to see if she was there. But she never was.

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