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LEFT for ghostsandstories.com

Something Weird Happening

by L Jennings
(North East of England)

Any ideas?

Any ideas?

Nothing out of the ordinary apart from the fact I was getting changed, I had my phone in my pocket and out of the corner of my eye I saw a light shooting down my leg. To say I was shocked is an understatement and anyone looking at this picture will say oohh it's the flash of your camera and I would more than likely agree. But I saw this light with my own eyes when the phone was in my pocket!!!

I grabbed my phone and took this picture..judge for yourself..I have always been a bit skeptical but having had this experience for myself I'm a firm believer..I did actually take 2 more random pictures which also showed up this strange anomaly.....

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Something Weird Happening

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Jun 26, 2011
Hair or camera lens is broke!
by: Anonymous

You can tell this is fake. It is ovisously a hair or the lens is broke!

May 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

I think it's a knife

Sep 11, 2010
Not sure...
by: Anonymous

No idea...

Jun 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

Also, if you had actually been taking a photo of your own leg, your foot would be facing outward, don't you think?

May 20, 2010
You're Kidding Right?
by: Anonymous

It's a hair!

Jul 12, 2009
by: ghost hunter188

I doubt this is a real picture just someone trying to fool everyone.

1. By the time you got your camera out the light would have gone? Unless you have superman reactions.

2. Looks to me as if there was a crack on the lens of the camera or a hair or something as that can happen quite often.

Sorry I just don't believe this one.

Peace x

May 31, 2009
by: Anonymous

Listen Darlene

I came on this site for some answers. I wish I hadn't have bothered now as it seems I am being called a liar!


May 19, 2009
Not so sure
by: Darlene

My problem with this photo is that you said that you saw the light "shooting" down your leg. This would make it seem as though it was a very quick experience, yet you had time to get your phone out of your pocket, get to the camera mode, and take a picture? I don't know....

May 16, 2009
by: Lynn

I can assure you I did take this picture with my mobile phone at arms length, I have no reason to fib, I sent the pic to see what you could make of it as I know what I saw.

May 16, 2009
Hi L
by: Brenda - Webmaster

Thank you for your pic and story. Sorry it took me so long to respond.

Here's something that bothers me about this pic. You said you had the phone in your pocket, saw the light, then took the pic.

Besides having to move very fast to capture it, the picture is not from the correct perspective. The pic is being taken away from you. It's not from the perspective of you shooting the pic down your leg, otherwise, we wouldn't see your other foot.

I think it's a photographic flaw.

Hope that doesn't hurt your feelings.


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