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Sniper Nightmare

by Jerod L

There was once a man named Tom Johnson. He was skilled with guns. He was so good he could throw a penny in the air and he could shoot it. But one mission would cost him more then his cover . . .

It was a dark and snowy night and it was freezing. Tom was dropped off in the area to some recon. It was very cold and Tom was wearing a light jacket. He heard the howl of gray wolves in the distance. His only light was the light of the full moon. An enemy militia was spotted in the area so he had to shoot anything that moved. He was positioned on a hill near a wooded area. He could see a lot of things from where he was. He looked through his scope and thought he saw something moving. He couldn't tell what it was but it was big and it was about 200 yards away. He thought it was a bear or deer.

He started to worry because it was getting closer. He built up the courage to open fire. So he aimed at the creature as it was approaching a clearing and he fired. When the bullet hit it, he heard a roar. But the beast was not killed or even wounded. He looked through his scope and didn't see it, so he thought it was dead but . . .

Then a giant creature jumped up. This creature was a horrible beast that stood 8 feet high and had a mouth of razor sharp teeth. It had orange hair all over its body and it grabbed Tom by the neck and sniffed him and then it took one bite and ate him. They later found Tom's body half eaten.

They later interviewed the locals who said they heard a scream and a roar, then gunshots and then nothing. All they found were bloody footprints of a large beast.

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Sniper Nightmare

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Nov 27, 2008
by: Anonymous

it was sorta made up i thought and it did give me the creeps so ummm. lol

Jul 26, 2008
by: Anonymous

interesting story

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