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Screaming Ghost

by Laura
(Naperville, IL)

I had an unusual experience about 10 years ago with a Ouija board (the first and last time I ever used one). I was at a friend's house. There were four of us - two boys and two girls - in my friend's bedroom. The moment we began asking questions, the pointer (I'm not sure what this piece is actually called) began moving. We all thought that one of us was moving it until we all pulled our hands away. The pointer was moving erratically on the board by itself!

The ghost claimed to have died in 1957 in a car crash and called himself "Randy." We asked him if he felt comfortable talking with us and what he thought of us. He answered that me and my girlfriend were "SXY" and the boys we were with were "EVL." It was very strange. He even spelled out my name when we asked where he was standing ... behind me. I remember feeling my heart pounding and I couldn't believe this was all really happening. I don't think any of us did, since we asked him to prove his presence further by doing something else to make himself known. He told us he would scream. We sat, hearing absolutely nothing but silence. Suddenly, my friend's mom burst open the bedroom door demanding that we keep it down and to stop screaming! We told her that we didn't make a sound, but she didn't believe us. She said she could hear us screaming from all the way downstairs.

After she left the room, we asked Randy if that was him. He replied, "Yes."

Later, when I was getting ready to drive home, I realized that I couldn't find my car keys. I looked everywhere. My friends decided to take the Ouija board out again to ask Randy where they were. The second we opened that board it was as if we never put it away, as if Randy never left after we put the board back in the box. He said that my keys were in my car. Sure enough, I went outside to my car, only to find that my keys were locked inside and in the ignition. I had to call my father with the spare set and the car had to be jumped because the battery was dead. It was the most bizarre experience I have ever had, but I wouldn't recommend that anyone messes with a Ouija board. You never know what kind of spirit you are inviting into your life.

And so I leave you with that.

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Screaming Ghost

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Apr 12, 2008
Read My Story...
by: Drake

My name is Drake from Park Ridge, IL. I loved your story...it scared the snotty out of me. I thought you might like mine...called "Ouija Board AT IU" on the same site. Since that night at IU, all I have heard is that no matter what it calls itself, or no matter what it says...it is the devil..pure and simple. There are several exit and entry ways for him...one is a Ouija Board, another is a mirror in the black. I feel the same way you do...I never ever messed with it again. We provoked the devil by asking it to blow out the candle...Well...check it out and let me know what you think. No matter what people say...it HAPPENED...EVERY SINGLE THING WAS TOTALLY TRUE. Not one thing ever happened when I goofed around with it before. Great story...and thanks for reconfirming my feelings. Be glad the screaming voice didn't enter you...my life has never been the same, in some ways it is good, in some ways it is bad. I neglected to say in the story...that my left ear has been screwed up ever since that night...even had to be hospitalized at Lutheran General..for four days because it became infected, and I NEVER EVEN GET SICK. Has anyone just blurted out a question to you...like..."hey..did you ever mess with a Ouija Board?" It happened to me three times now...and it was weird. All 3 times...we weren't even talking about anything like that....then I just got that chill. My buddies used to doubt me...but not anymore. My gut feeling, or intuition since that fateful night at IU...is always dead on. Did it change your life at all? Or was it just a freaky one-time experience? Oh....did you hear the screaming at all? Just very curious. Thanks again for a great story, and I hope you comment back. If that Ouija Board is in your house...or a friend's house...my advice is to...get rid of it. Drake

Nov 27, 2007
by: Tris

The pointer is called a planchette. This is what I tell everyone: You shouldn't mess with a Ouija board if you don't know what you're doing. At least one person using the board should be knowledgeable about the procedure for using them.

Nov 15, 2007
I wonder
by: Anonymous

I thought that only girls could be banshees

Nov 07, 2007
RE: Interesting
by: Laura

No way! .....luckily. It kind of freaked me out and I was worried that he might follow one of us after that. But, I never touched a Ouija board again, and never heard from him again.

Nov 06, 2007
by: Anonymous

Have you ever talked to this ghost again?

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