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Scary "Something" Opening our Doors

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Jan 29, 2011
The paper.
by: Anonymous

It's the Baphomet sign. The horns, the animal, the bat, the fire, and the skull. Berkaial is a demon, Amasarac is a practice, Asaradel was one of the seven transgressing angels given in the book of Enoch and akibecc is the only one that seems impossible to find.

What you have is a satanic paper.

Jan 16, 2009
The Entity
by: Anonymous

Before I went to bed last night, around 11:00, I made sure that all of my windows were closed; They were. But around 4:30am, my room door swung opened. I felt a hard wind that made me pop up and stare at the door. It was too warm in the room for any wind to make the door swing open. I heard a car engine and its light, but the car just pulling in could not make the door swing open. I know it was an entity because I've experienced other moments, but this one took the cake. I do wonder what "it" wanted...or wants!

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