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R.I.P.A. - Research into Paranormal Anomalistics

by Stuckie
(Milton Keynes)


RiPA is probably different from most "ghost hunting" groups out there. For one, we don't do "ghost hunting," we do paranormal research. What's the different I hear you ask?

Well let me tell you in an abridged way, Most Haunted are "ghost hunters." They go to allegedly haunted places with a camera and some funky gadgets in the hope of detecting ghosts. And that's pretty much it.

Paranormal Research goes a lot deeper. RiPA are a Paranormal Research team that do projects, talks, educate, experiments etc. on all things paranormal. Of course, this also includes visiting supposedly haunted places.

This brings me on to an fantastic Xmas treat for the RiPAs. After 5 years of negotiating, I have finally managed to secure a fantastic location whose history is deep and interesting.

What makes this extra special is that this location may not be around for much longer so RiPA are honored to have the chance to conduct a study.

What does RiPA stand for? "Research into Paranormal Anomalistics."

A lot of people ask us about the Anomalistics part as it's not the most common of words. "Anomalistics" may be defined as the study of extraordinary phenomena of behaviour and experience, including (but not restricted to) those which are often labeled "paranormal." It is directed towards understanding bizarre experiences that many people have without assuming that there is anything paranormal involved. It entails attempting to explain paranormal and related beliefs and ostensibly paranormal experiences in terms of known psychological and physical factors.

A more detailed explanation can be found on the RiPA's "About" page.

This brings me on to the website. Although most of RiPA's work happens behind the scenes away from the website, some things we do will be mentioned, others may not. The website works as a great resource for your educational needs.

RiPA have many papers on the site which range from the historical aspect of techniques to more recent studies on sleep paralysis and why its important to have insurance in this day and age.

RiPA are also hosting a project in collaboration with Golds University College on mediumship.
Now we have had many applicants come forward, but none have ever gone for the actual project.
The project in question is not to humiliate or embarrass the participants, but more to give us a greater insight in to the way mediumship works. I would have thought that, due to the hard time mediums/psychics are getting at the moment, that people with this "gift" would jump at the chance to prove to the critics that this ability does exist.

If you have this ability and would like to take part in this event, please visit our "exps" page and follow on screen instructions.

Amongst all this, we have a great forum that you can join to debate, argue, share and put your point across.

Maybe a forum isn't your thing and you prefer live chat? Well that's good because we have catered for that too.

We also bring to you a media section where you can find a whole host of goodies from videos to pictures to sounds (Ok, the sound page is still being worked but hell, you get the idea!)

What I'm trying to say here is take some time to look around the site and have a nose. The site is still fairly new, so stuff will be constantly added.

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