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Ghosts - I Have Seen Them

by Anonymous

I have never thought that I would ever encounter the supernatural in my life. But when I did, it affected me so much, and changed my whole perspective of life and the after life.

I have lived in this apartment in NJ for four years. During this time, I have seen dark figures darting across my peripheral vision. Thought I just imagined it.

I work from home, and one day, I was playing my stereo. It kept shutting off. I checked if there is a power outage, but there was none.

I was working on my computer one night, and something touched my elbow, and there was no one there. I was in the bedroom one time, and heard a whisper in my ear and ran out of the bedroom.

Then one night, I saw my first real ghost encounter.

I woke up in the middle of the night, and opened my eyes and saw this white figure of a man looking at me. He was wearing a suit.
He was all white, like a statue in the cemetery. I closed my eyes again, and opened them, still there and when I looked up he was looking at me and smiled.

I closed my eyes and when I opened them he was gone.

The again one night, around 12:30 am. I woke up looked at the alarm clock and then, right next to the armoire, was a head of a woman floating in midair. Her hair was nicely done, and she was wearing a beaded necklace. She seem like a 1950's woman. She was there for about seven seconds and then she disappeared. She looked so sad as she was looking at the bedroom window.

From that point on, I knew that there is a spiritual realm, an afterlife.I became very sad, as I questioned my very existence. I believe what I saw is something that is not supposed to be seen, and somehow my existence and their existence crossed.

I became quite ill, after this experience. It is something I never want to see again.

I now appreciate life more, and the people around me. Our time here on this earth is precious, and we must show our love and kindness to each other as much as we can.

I asked advice to a psychic about my experience and was told to put sea salt around the house and bathe in sea salt every now and then. I also smudged the apartment as per the psychics advice.

I now wear a rosary around my neck when I go to sleep.

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I Can Always Feel You

by Samantha
(Ocean Springs, MS, USA)

All my life I have always felt things...sometimes when I am alone I can feel someone staring at me or just feel someone walking next to me. I don't like to tell people this because people think that I am crazy but I think I am sensitive to it. When I was 19 I moved into my sister's house. She often told me that she thought the house was haunted but I didn�t believe her at first because I thought she was just being paranoid because it was a fairly old house.

One night it was just she and I and we were hanging out. I got a sharp cold chill down my back and I asked my sister did you feel that? She said no and I thought maybe I was just cold. Five minutes later it happened again and it was in the middle of summer. I live in Mississippi and it doesn't get cold at night. I looked up and there was a disturbing feeling going throughout the room, then a dark figure appeared behind my sister. I said something and she turned around and then said, �I don't see anything,� but I was too scared to move.

The figure hovered behind my sister for a moment than disappeared. I finally told her what happened and she said I knew that this place was haunted but she swears she didn't see anything. This has happened a couple of times and I am the only one who sees anything. I don't know who to talk to because nobody feels or sees what I do and it's kind of scary. I now have a young daughter and I think she might have the same thing because she looks at the walls and sees things, too. She cries for no reason and when I go in her room she is always staring at the ceiling.

My house seems to have a lot of activity lately, ever since my husband�s dad died. It has never hurt us or scared us in anyway and I don't think it's trying to scare us I think it is my dad-in-law trying to meet his granddaughter but it just scares her. Sometimes at night I will see something move out of the corner of my eye and the bathroom door will close on its own or the door will lock itself. I really need someone to tell me how to control this because it's really scary to see stuff that no one else sees. Am I going crazy?

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I See Dead People

by Austin

Renee with her daunting black hair and doe-like brown eyes, was ready to relate her story to me. Her story was absolutely fascinating. It falls into the 'I See Dead People' category, because Renee is a sensitive. I believe she is a magnet to the spiritual realm. She is a lighthouse beacon that summons the departed to her physical being. She recalls that everything started happening at the age of 15. She would hear people walking around in her parent's home and when she looked, there was no one there. She remembers hearing full conversations, but couldn't make out what the words were. She had blankets pulled off of her. The house that she lived in is no longer there. The house address was **** B*** Avenue in Sacramento. Her parents were faithful Jehovah's Witnesses and even if they witnessed any ghostly activity, they were not going to talk about it. Renee has a strange family history and her great grandmother was a black witch and dabbled in black magic. She was well known throughout the Wiccan community.

Another witch came into Renee's life. When she was dating a band member of some popular local band, the band member's ex-girlfriend was a witch. This witch placed a curse on Renee and before she knew it, one night she was attacked by ghostly white hands that went around her throat to choke her. When she confronted her band member friend, they started talking about his former witch girlfriend and the car automatically broke down. She knew it was time to keep her distance from her band member friend and the paranormal activity subsided.

As her life become somewhat normal again, she learned that her childhood friend was a sensitive and before she knew it, she was able to telepathically communicate with her friend Audra. Audra passed away four years ago, and still communicates with Renee through her dreams.

In 1998, her life was ready to take a turn towards the unknown again. In the first home she lived in on her own with her former husband and two daughters, she started seeing shadow people at the end of the hallway of her new home. Her brother-in-law Jason's ashes were kept in a churn at their new home. One of her daughters claimed to have reoccurring dreams of a man who was trying to save her when bad things would happen. She described this man to Renee. Renee was shocked, because the man she was describing was her brother-in-law Jason. While living in this first home, her family would hear rustling of paper from the KFC bucket in the next room and there was no one there. The refrigerator would open by itself. There would be impressions on the bed, as if someone was sitting on the bed. Footsteps were heard near the foot of the bed, while Renee was trying to sleep.

While living in this home, she had an out-of-body experience. She floated to the ceiling and could see herself on the bed sleeping with a shiny gold band that surrounded her sleeping body. When the astral projection ended, she felt like her spiritual self was shoved back into her body. She felt vibrations, everything went black and she felt like she was in a huge vibrating bell.

She had the Berkeley Psychic Institute investigate her home. This Institute immediately recognized Renee as a sensitive. The teacher of this Institute placed his hands upon her and immediately felt she needed to be 'grounded'. Then a psychic for this institute felt that Jason (her brother-in-law) was in the house and that when he came to the house, he opened up a portal bringing along other ghostly entities. The psychic was able to tell Renee that Jason was upset with his brother (her husband) about a bike. Renee confirmed that this story is true. Then what really surprised Renee is that the psychic was also able to give her the name of Jason's friend's name. She struggled with the name, as it sounded something like: a door? The name of Jason's friend was Adore. Adore was no longer with the living, because he committed suicide. The psychic said that Adore hangs out with Jason and that Adore is mischievous and likes to peek at her. When Renee invited another group of healers to come and cleanse her home, she noticed that the guests pulled up in front of her house, but after fifteen minutes of knocking and ringing the door bell. No one in the house could hear the knocking. It was like the entities of the house, didn't want any more people in the house and silenced the knocking deliberately. When Renee finally peeked out of the window to see why they hadn't come up to the door yet, she found these two ladies waiting to come in, as they were told by this entity to go away! The two ladies conducted a smudging of her home and burned sage throughout the house to cleanse it. Renee was told to put Jason's ashes outside and to later scatter the ashes. Renee did this and Jason no longer came around to visit her. While Renee was experiencing all of these activities, her former husband was seeing shadow people in the house.

The second house Renee moved into, things started happening. The candle came off the wall and flew across the room. The sewing machine would turn on by itself. She saw the full body apparition of a little girl twice. The ghostly girl actually looked like her daughter. The girl was seen wearing a long white t-shirt. She remembers once, when there was a crack in the closet door, the opening became bigger and she could see the little girl looking through the opening at her. At times Renee's cell phone would ring and it showed the call originated from her home. There was one problem. There was no one at her home. As Renee listened to the call, there would only be static. She learned that the little girl that was haunting her home, was haunting the home next door too, and had died at Arcade Creek. This little girl became known as 'The Lost Girl of Arcade Creek'.

Now in her present day home in Rocklin, she has a male entity haunting her home. This entity is somewhat pesky. He will place his fingers between her toes while she is sleeping. The entity will tug on her clothes. He will whisper inaudible words into her ear. She brought in another psychic into her life to help guide the occupying entities to their destinations. The male entity flat out refused to leave and ran from the psychic. The psychic told Renee that this male entity is attached to her and her two daughters. Another interesting factoid of this case, is that her home is situated on American Indian land, but Renee is unsure if this is what is causing the haunting.

Renee tells a consistent story and I couldn't find any contradictions to her story. She kept me intrigued and I want to learn more. I am not a sensitive and do not pick up on the other-worldly realm like she does, but perhaps if I shadow her movements she will open a gateway to the unknown for me. I can only see, or hope to see.

After I got home, Renee sent me an email. She forgot one part of her story. This is what she relates in her own words:

"I also wanted to share one other thing that was pretty significant in my life. About a year after I moved into the house near Arcade Creek, and during my divorce this happened one night. I was dreaming that while sleeping in my bed my phone rang. When I woke up to answer it, I looked at the clock, wondering what time it was. The clock read 2am. On the phone was an police officer with a very heavy Irish accent. He proceeded to tell me that Lance (former husband) was in some trouble and was in jail. I asked the officer if I could talk with him, but the officer said, "No, I am not at liberty to say". Weird? So, I asked, "well what kind of trouble is Lance in"? The officer replied, "I'm sorry, I am not at liberty to say". I replied with, if I can't speak with him, then why did you call? The officer said, you can speak with him, but make it brief. Lance got on the phone and said "Hey I'm in trouble, can you come and bail me out"?? At that point, my phone rang again, only this time, I wasn't dreaming it rang, it was really ringing. Again, I looked at the clock to see what time it was, and the clock read; 1:59am, and on the other end was Lance. I asked him why he was calling so late, and he replied, "I'm at the club with my friend Sean, but he left with some girl. I lost my wallet, and don't have money for a cab, could you come and bail me out"?

Now, I'm not sure why there was an officer with such a heavy Irish accent calling me at 2am, but I know I will never forget that incident."

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Haunting of a new young medium

by Nathan
(Northern Ireland)

It started when I was nine years old. I used to usually get bad dreams like every kid does. But mine felt different and real, it�s hard to explain really. In these dreams I was half awake and half in the dream, but the terror I had running through me when I ran for my mums bedroom was unreal. Everything was going really fast in my head. For an example, I could hear my sister breathing heavily and my name being screamed by loads of people, but it felt that I was in a dream. My mum used to put me in a cold bath as my temperature used to always rise and she assumed this was because I had a fever. It continued for 4 years, I went to a doctor, psychologist and specialists, but still no answer.

One day my mum came home crying saying she had popped into a fortune teller for a laugh and what she was told shocked her. The fortuneteller told her immediately about me that I had an evil force from the dark side torturing me to try and take my body. I laughed because I didn�t believe in such crap as ghosts and Santa and stuff like that. My mum didn�t believe it either, really, but deep down it was annoying her because there was no explanation for my actions. The priest came around two nights later and as soon as the cars pulled up, pictures came off the wall and I went into a nightmare (dream) straight away. What I remember was men in black striped jumpers screaming and begging, �Help me.� Nothing else was clear, there was moaning, screaming, howling. It was horrible and then it suddenly stopped with a man in a long bright blue coat looking over me...

All I remember was him saying you�re ok son and disappearing. My mum came running in from outside with the priest. The priest said a prayer, blessed the house like they do and off he went. I went to bed that night knowing I had seen a ghost as was I in my distant nightmare still. I kept seeing people and hearing people talking to me. That felt nice.

So I went to a medium and he said, �Is that what you�re seeing and feeling?� pointing in the corner. There was a man in a long blue coat with static around him and the medium John says to me, �That�s your guardian and guide. You had an evil spirit with you for these past 4 years who used to live in that house. Your guardian is Tom and he will look after you from now on. That evil sprit wanted you to move out of the house and not your body as that fortuneteller said. Tom got the help of the presence of that priest to build his energy to get rid of the evil one.�

He then told me I had a gift that spirits can contact you like himself and to relax and deal with this. To this day I can talk to Tom and only a few times I recognize a ghost in a pub on the street.


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Accepting A Haunted Life

by Anthony

I will never in my life forget the night that I first laid eyes on the ghost that inhabits my bedroom. I had just moved my bedroom from the third floor of our house down to the basement because my older brother moved into his own place and the basement boasted more room for myself and a lot more privacy.

I was soundly sleeping and anyone would tell you, I sleep like a rock and it takes A LOT to wake me up. Suddenly my eyes shot open. I wasn't at all groggy or "out of it" as people usually are when they suddenly awaken in the middle of the night. I was very awake and very aware. The first thing I saw were the bright red lights of my alarm clock that read 3:15 am. I peered over slowly across my room and that's when I saw it.

She was standing at the foot of my bed. An older woman, short and on the heavy side. She was wearing a shawl and holding it over her shoulders, her hair was pulled back neatly in a tight bun.

She looked like the "old Italian grandmother" type. She had the most serious look on her face, not mean or angry-just serious. Her entire figure was a grey/white color but I could distinctly make out her facial features and I will never in my life forget her face.

I was so shocked that I couldn't move. I literally could not convey any emotion whether it be horror, happiness, or sadness. It was as if I was frozen with shock and even stranger, I didn't feel scared.

After probably 15-20 seconds of complete eye contact, I was able to slam my eyelids shut and when I reopened my eyes, she was gone.

Somehow I managed to fall back asleep that night and I soon understood that the ghost wasn't a dark spirit because she never made me feel scared.

Since this experience, I've had many, many other strange things happen in my bedroom, but I have never seen the ghost again. Pictures will fall off the wall in the middle of the night, candles or odd objects will literally be flung across my bedroom, the door will slowly creak open and hit the wall with a thud at random times, jewelry will disappear and never be seen again (my girlfriend's pair of gold earrings completely vanished, along with a few of my earrings and chains).

Three nights in a row recently, a picture of my deceased grandfather and I has fallen off of the wall where it hangs at precisely the same time each night.

It's come to the point where I accept that I share my bedroom with a ghost. If she's screwing with me I simply say out loud "Cut it out!" or "Stop it", "Please go away" and it usually works. I think of myself as having the gift of experiencing paranormal activity and as I've gotten older I've learned to accept it, to even cherish it because it's not an ability many people have. I know the instance I enter a new place whether spirits or energies are present.

One night, a group of friends and I had gone to a popular beach about an hour from where we live and on the way home I saw the ghost of a girl walking along the road. There was a patch of road, probably five miles long that was bordered by fields on each side. No homes or business, just huge flowing fields. When we had driven about two miles down this stretch of the road, I saw a girl probably around 14-16 walking along the dark deserted road by herself, dressed in a flowing white dress. It was very odd to me and I suddenly got this strange feeling telling me to turn around. After about 20 seconds I swung my car around in a quick U-turn and drove back the way I came to try and catch a glimpse of the ghostly girl again. My friends were confused and had no idea what I was doing. Sure enough, I drove about three miles and the girl had vanished. She was nowhere to be seen, and unless she ran into the fields and hid, or carried a jet pack where she can cover five miles of deserted road in seconds...she disappeared.

One night my girlfriend and I were at my sister's house babysitting my niece when we suddenly BOTH heard the faint but clear as crystal whispers of children coming from the baby monitor (at the time my niece was only a couple months old and hadn't even started baby babbling). I ran up the stairs to my niece's bedroom thinking someone had broken into the house, only to find her soundly sleeping and the room to be deathly silent.

I'm convinced that someone was drowned in the 2nd floor bath tub of my home. When I was younger I used to love taking baths, but became completely horrified and envisioned a strangers' hands holding me underwater whenever I would dunk my head under to rinse out shampoo. I think that spirits are attracted to me because my list of paranormal experiences can go on and on.

My mother told me she used to see the ghost of a woman walking back and forth from the bathroom (the visions of someone being drowned) and my bedroom when my bedroom was upstairs. One night as I was driving home from a friend's house all alone, I peered over into the passenger seat and saw the faint figure of a little girl sitting right next to me. I slammed the car to a stop and had to get out and recollect myself afterwards.

A close friend of mine lives in a house that is very active. I am always seeing moving shadows, gray/blue orbs and other strange apparitions in his house. Footsteps coming from the attic, doors swinging open by themselves and electronics turning themselves on and off are common when I'm at his house. He admits, the activity isn't half as usual as when I'm there, so I believe ghosts are attracted to me.

As I said before, I've come to the point where I accept the fact that the paranormal is attracted to me. I truly believe it's a gift rather than a burden. I've yet to experience any negative energy or had any negative paranormal experiences so that might change (lol) but for now, I accept it and I think it's pretty cool.

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Bray.....The Boy Who Sees and Speaks to the Dead

by Devin S
(Georgetown, OH, USA)

My son is only three years old, and seems to have the ability to see and speak to people that only appear to him. His name is Bray, and this started (as far as we know) about 1 year ago. We were at a friend's house, and were all seated at her kitchen table except for the kids. They were running around the house playing hide and seek, mostly in the basement. Bray was left alone in the basement while the other kids all came upstairs to hide from him, but he (while alone) was talking to what seemed like himself.

We all got quiet as we sat at the table because we noticed the situation....we noticed he was all alone downstairs, and yet carrying on a very real conversation with somebody. We continued to listen until he finally came upstairs. He went about his game until later in the evening when it was time for bed. As he started to lay down he asked me to please not let the man come up and get him. Confused I asked, "What man sweetie??" He continued to explain that while he was in the basement there was a man down there that said he was going to scratch him up if he came back down the stairs. When I asked him what the man's name was he got very upset....said that he didn't know because the man did not want him to know his name at all, and warned him that if he continued to ask, he would scratch his face and back until he bled.

Shortly afterward Bray went to sleep, and never spoke of that again. A few months later we moved into my parent's house, which I truly believe and have believed since I was little, is haunted by several ghosts. Bray has never been told that because we have never wanted him to be scared here. We stay in the bedroom upstairs, and as you walk out our door, there is a small hallway to the left that leads to a door to the roof of the front porch.

One night he and I were walking out of the bedroom to go downstairs, and he looked up at the door to the outside....he just kept staring, so I asked him, "Bray what is it??" He said, "Nothing mommy. Don't be scared, they won't hurt you." I asked, "Who??" He said the woman and the man and the kid by the door. Then he said they were gone and we should go downstairs. I myself was nervous as hell, but he was fine...not an ounce of fear in him at all.

I asked him several times over the next few weeks if he saw them anymore and he answered, "Yes mommy. I see them all the time. They are my friends, but they don't like you and daddy." Once again I was freaked out, but he never once acted scared.

I started to notice as I took pictures of him that there are several orbs around him at all times in every picture that is taken in our house. When I pointed this out to my husband Bray started to get nervous that there was something scary around him; I guess he picked up on my nervousness. So he would shy away from the camera. Soon after, he and my mother were talking about his "friends" that he sees and talks to upstairs....my mother asked him if he knew their names, and he said not all of them, but one was Amy. Now I was beyond creeped out because this house was built in the 1800's by a woman and her husband, and the woman's name was Amy.....she was never able to have children when she was alive, and died a very unhappy severely depressed woman. As a matter of fact she committed suicide. Very very freaky....

About two weeks ago, my mother and Bray were talking again about his "friends," and he said they were gone. He said Amy hated mommy and daddy cause she wanted him....so he told them to leave...he hugged them, and they went away. He even said that he cried because he told them to come back, and they won't. Now we do still hear footsteps inside the attic from time to time, but Bray has not seen them since he told them to leave. However, when we take pictures of him, there are still several orbs in every single picture he is in...no matter where the picture is taken. We also take the same picture without him in it just to see if the orbs are still there....a few of the pictures there have been NO orbs while he is out of the frame....however there are a few that we have made him move and took another picture only to find what looks like a line down the wall where the orb was....like it was moving.

I believe my son has a very special gift for communicating with the dead.

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My Haunting Experience

by Kevin
(N.B. Canada)

I once had the pleasure to stay in a bed and breakfast. It was my mother's best friend's place.

I had stayed there by myself for about three winter months when the tourist season was not happening. The first night I was awakened by was a feeling of someone grabbing my left shin while I was still laying in bed. I told the owner what had happened and she simply said the place was haunted.

One night I was awakened by the sound of footsteps going across the hardwood-floor, proceeding up the stairs past my room and into another bedroom. Then they simply stopped. It wasn't until the next morning that I realized that all the doors were locked from the inside, and there was no one in the room in which I heard the footsteps enter.

Probably the most odd story is that the owner and myself would call the physic-hot line, and see if they could shed some light on the sounds of the house. There were several that we had called in the span of about one week. One girl simply asked me for my birthday, all kinds of information, and suddenly said "Put both feet flat on the floor!" I did, and she replied that "We were in a haunted house weren't we?"

I asked her how did she know this and she said she could feel it over the phone.

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