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An Irish Poltergeist

by Callum

The house

The house

My name is Callum O'Brien and I have lived in Ireland all my life. I live in a big family of six, my mother, father, brother and two sisters. We lived in a large house at the time of the haunting that took place five years ago. I was 13 at the time. The poltergeist activity mainly occurred around my sister who was 12. I will call her M.

It all began one day when my sisters and I were walking home from school, M slipped and hit her head on the curb. She wasn�t in any pain and claimed she could hardly feel it. When we got home she climbed straight into bed and fell asleep even though it was only 3:30 pm. The rest of my family sat down for dinner (we decided not to wake M), when M came running out of her room screaming. She was in a great shock. She told us that the blanket slid off the bed and that someone pulled her out of it. My parents put it off as her imagination and sat her down for dinner. That was the start of the haunting.

Weeks later, M had fallen sick and were confined to her bed. During this period strange noises would be heard around the house mostly from M's room. It sounded like a hammer banging off the walls. Again we put it off as the house making the noises. Neighbors would come over and complain about the noises but we told them we didn�t know about it.

When M had gotten better everything was peaceful for a while. She would complain that her bed would jump from time to time and that she found it hard to sit down in a chair without it rocking away. My parents began to accept something was wrong after she witnessed pictures flying off the wall and the chairs sliding across the floor.

For a while M, myself and my other siblings were sent away to live with an aunt. When they had realized that it had followed us there, we returned home.

The attacks on M got more violent. She would be thrown out of bed, pushed down and dragged up the stairs, thrown off chairs, slapped occasionally and would have objects thrown at her. She would constantly be confined to bed, as she would constantly become ill. Even in bed, the attacks continued, sometime locking her bedroom door so we could not reach her but only listen to her screams on the other side of the door.

Word spread throughout the community about the goings-on inside our household. Neighbors would come to visit us in hopes of seeing something unusual happening. Their hopes would be answered by having stones, plates and even pieces of turf thrown at them. One neighbour thought of calling the incident, "The O'Brien Haunting" and it stuck for the rest of my life.

A friend suggested we get a priest. So we did: three different priests at three different times. Neither one of them worked. But one thing did help; the attacks on M became less frequent. Unfortunately the poltergeist didn�t leave completely. It still liked destroying furniture and throwing objects around. Three months after the priests came the poltergeist had vanished without a trace. Peace finally overcame our household. Everything was quiet again. M was back to normal, but she missed a lot of school so that was a downfall.

I�m now 18 and we are all still living in the house that inhabited our unearthly 'friend'. The exact location of our house is a small town called Kilmallock, Co. Limerick.

Thank you, Callum.

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The Poltergeist of Harlow

by Charles

I was sleeping at my auntie's with my 16 year old. When I first got there, nothing happened. But as soon as 4 o'clock came and went that was when it happened.

I was helping my aunt tidy up. Then I smelt this disgusting smell. At first I thought it was my was my aunt, but she said it wasn't. As I took the washing up the stairs into her bedroom, I heard whispering. I was so scared that I dropped the wash down the stairs. After we finished, we sat down. Then the radio (which was on) turned itself off. Do you think her house could be haunted?

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