Pics from Ghost Investigation

by Karen

Ghost Face In Pic

Ghost Face In Pic

Ghost Face In PicStrange light anamoly on my husband's leg

Ok, this was my very first investigation with a paranormal group while vacationing in Ohio. First pic was taken in daylight. The picture before and after this were just fine. We went to the cemetery that had Elizabeth's grave in it. As soon as I got out of the car I started snapping photo's so I could have pics of the entire cemetery during the day. I didn't realize the face was in the pic till I uploaded it to my computer, at the time I just thought it was a blurry pic.

This next one has stumped many people. I was behind my husband when I took this picture. Far enough away that the flash would not cause a distortion. He had yet to turn on his flashlight that was in one hand and in the other hand was an EMF detector that he waited to turn on till he got further into the cemetery. I saw after I took this pic that I captured something but, was stunned to see what when I uploaded it and saw it on his leg.

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Pics from Ghost Investigation

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Jun 01, 2011
by: J.Woolford

Interesting find Karen, good going, can't say much about explaining this one though, mystery to me. ;)

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