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Paranormal Investigation at Flinderation Tunnel

by Michael Anderson
(Salem, West Virginia, 26426)

The story is, some years ago, track workers were working on a piece of track in the tunnel, when a train came around the curve at a speed that was greater than the speed for that spot of track. The three men all ran for the cubbyholes that was there to get out of the way of the trains, and only two men was able to get out of the way and the third man was ran over and was tour up vary bad and body parts were scattered about the tunnel. And after that day, on some dark evenings, people often hear screams and hear the sound of running in the gravel inside the tunnel.
Here's my story of my investigation in "Spring 2010."

I arrived at the tunnel at 8pm Saturday night with some of my investigative tools, such as a digital recorder, laser therm., digital camera, video camcorder, and some trigger objects. I started out the investigation with questions about the work that was being done at the time of the mishap.

With the digital recorder recording and my taking pictures at the same time, I heard footsteps walking by me then the sound of them starting to run. "Okay" that was a little frightening, but I kept going forth with the questioning.

The temp at the time was 42 F. The base reading was 54 F. And my EMF meter was a steady 3.5 and holding. Then all of a sudden I was pushed to the side of the tunnel wall. Now that was a little much. I then asked the question "What are you doing, trying to scare me?" Now with no answer heard with that, I started taking readings with the EMF meter and my franks box. And to my surprise, the franks box stopped at the words "no pushing out of way!"

I'll leave you with just that much to ponder on, and invite anyone who is truly interested in the paranormal, to come on down to Salem, WV and do some investigating of your own.

I warn you, you will find something there, and you wont be disappointed either.

Michael Anderson
West Virginia Paranormal 57
[email protected]

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Paranormal Investigation at Flinderation Tunnel

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Jul 01, 2011
Truly Haunted
by: Phill Seyler

My older brother, along with my friend Zach and I, went into the tunnel when it was very dark outside. It was about 10:30 at night, and we three were the only ones inside the tunnel that night.

My brother is a skeptic, so as we were walking through the tunnel, he started to insult the ghosts. After this, we three experienced cold chills and we heard unexplained sounds in the tunnel.

We were walking along, when my friend Zach felt the feeling that someone was behind us, so he told me to turn around. So I did. When I did, I saw a figure run very fast from left-to-right into the tunnel wall.

I felt my heart pound and the hair rise on my neck. It could've been my imagination, but I am sure of what I saw. This tunnel is extremely spooky late at night.

I am now a strong believer in the supernatural

Jun 23, 2011
by: Valarie

My boyfriend and I went out to Flinderation a few nights ago armed with a couple recording devices, and a digital camera. After a lot of strange things happening in the tunnel, physically audible voices that weren't our own (we were there from 1-4am), feeling something brush up against my leg, hearing rocks hit the walls/ground. There is most certainly something there.

Has anyone had contact with a spirit named Jimmy there? We captured an EVP that says "Jimmy's mad" along with a bunch of others.

Feb 25, 2011
tunnel review.
by: Anonymous

earlier this summer, i used flinderation as my first paranormal investigation. i went in as a skeptic and came out of that abyss a believer. there were 3 fellow investigators with me..we kept hearing those running steps. When we got to the middle of the tunnel i decided for us to turn our flashlights off and see what we can experience. Here's where my fear of that place came to be; my 2 friends turned to face the entrance. I was still facing the tunnel, as soon as i turned to walk out i saw the silouette of a very masculine figure from about the neck up, my immediate reaction was to run so we ran as fast as possible out of there. ironically, when i came home i looked up more research of the location and it just so happens that a man named Earl Moore was one of the workers that was killed in the wreck, his head was cut off from the train. When i read that all i could remember was seeing this man from the neck up. That place IS haunted, and has something in it.

Nov 11, 2010
by: Danny

My investigators and I have been down there quite a few times and every time i get this running footsteps. My friend has also gotten pushed to the side of the tunnel but I didnt have any recorders at the time. If you would like to go sometime for an investigation e-mail me [email protected]. I would like someone to go with us with some higher quality equipment

Sep 12, 2010
What Is A Franks Box
by: michael a

To the person that wanted to know what a franks box is:

It's an am-fm radio that has been tweaked to where it's a type of scanner where when you are doing an EVP session you can use this type of radio. If spirits are present, the radio will stop on words that the spirits want you to hear.

Keep in mind that this is a new type of investigative tool,and is not a proof positive device. (As of yet.)

Thank you for the question.

Sep 08, 2010
Cool Story!
by: Anonymous

That's a great story. What is a franks box? Please explain.


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