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Paranormal Happenings

by Wes R

I have lived in a haunted house my entire life. When I was very young there was always a feeling of unimaginable fear in the rear part of the house. Many of my friends said time and time again that my house was haunted. I never believed them and thought some of them were completely insane.

My first experience with ghosts happened when I was 18. I was hanging out with a girl that was a very bad influence. I had just left her house and returned home to go to sleep. Before I fell asleep, it felt like something was laying on me. It almost felt like it had entered my mind (like it was sticking its tongue in my ear). Then I heard the being in a highly audible female voice yell "WES!" Immediately after it said my name my telephone rang and it was the girl I had been hanging out with. She had showed me a book about black magic and the occult right before I left her house!

I never told anyone about this experience until someone else told me that they had a very similar experience in the home in my room. He described the exact same situation to me. He had the same feelings, same experience, and it said his name as well. The alarm clock went off after that and it wasn't even set.

I began researching these things afterward. The more I learned the more intensified the sightings were. The most terrifying experience I had was with my cat. She decided to sleep with me that night. She kept getting close to me, and I could tell she was frightened. Soon after I had a feeling of unimaginable horror. It was so bad it basically incapacitated me. The cat and I looked at the foot of the bed and saw a large translucent dark figure. It proceeded to lurk across my room and vanished. As soon as it vanished it made a loud popping sound. (Like when you snap your fingers) The cat was watching it at the same time I was. When it disappeared the cat looked at me and meowed.

The most terrifying thing I saw was in a dream. I had done some research on my home and apparently there was a very rigid mean old woman that lived in the house before me. In my dream I was paralyzed. I couldn't move but I was awake. She then came and made contact with me. She was the scariest thing I have ever seen. She wore a white gown and had a scarier looking face than Golem from the Lord of the Rings. Her eyes were voids, giant black holes that took up her face. She said nothing to me, and just stared. I asked her to please not frighten us, I didn't ask to be born there and I mean you no harm.

After that, activity seemed to stop. Except for minor inconveniences like hiding things in the refrigerator or opening and closing doors.

I'm not saying ghosts are real, but something very strange and in my opinion, paranormal, happened to me and others.

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Paranormal Happenings

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Jan 09, 2011
Not so skeptic
by: Inge

I wonder how a person's spirit could inhabit a place after they died. There is no exact answer to that question but if there are beings able to be bound in death to a tangible place, what does that mean? If there is a God, how does it happen and how do they "slip" past Him?

All I know is that my sister and other people who have slept in her room (not what you think) have heard scratching and felt this aggressive energy in there. She refuses to sleep in her room anymore and almost never goes in it alone.

Dec 12, 2010
by: Ghost feeler

I have been experiencing some paranormal happenings since grade school, I'm in my freshman year and it doesn't stop. When I was in my grade school years, I was at a party at my granny's house. I was looking at the window pane when suddenly I saw something white, standing, no face and no feet.

His/her feet were like a tornado, I don't know. It's creepy. Then, I called my friend, shrieking, When I looked at her to show her, it just disappeared. I don't know. It's really weird.
Creepy little thing that's interesting to find.

May 30, 2010
Yeah..........................Ghosts are true......
by: anagha prakash

What you say is correct...Cause in some places ghosts do haunt. They take revenge....To some people living in that house....And yours is really a serious matter.....

Apr 20, 2010
your story
by: Andy From Team Spiritz

Its my daughter Zoe as been writing on this page, My paranormal investigation team is called Team Spiritz and we are from the UK we have 7 members and a medium who works closly with us. I have read your story and find it very interesting, and i feel that the spirits spoken about just wanted to be known to people, and they had their fun messing people around. We have came across spirits who just mess us around when we do glass divination and will not give us the info we need to get from a location to research.I have been interested in the paranormal since a child along with my wife Sam who is also a team member. Over the last year we have done investigations but in the last few months we are just finding our feet with our own team www.teamspiritz.webs.com and we are doing ok, and looking forward to lots more investigations. keep up the good work

Apr 20, 2010
by: Wes R

Hello, I am the author of this article. I appreciate your comments Jess and Zoe. Judging by your comments I would assume that you aren't American like myself. I would agree with you that some of the phenomena I witnessed were indeed supernatural. However, I also believe that we understand (as a whole) very little about it. If you could please ask your parents where they read and learn their information I would be very thankful if you would post it on this site in a reply.

Once again, thank you for your feedback.

Mar 19, 2010
A very REAL experience...
by: Anonymous

Me- my husband and two children lived in a house in the country that had once been owned by his aunt. My husband was dieing of cancer. My daughter at the time was four and began talking to people we could not see- playing with people we could not see-literally interacting with beings we could not see but certainly could FEEL!Lights began going off and on by themselves-doors opening and closing, and the worst episode was, I was alone in my bed and all of a sudden I was pinned down I could NOT move could not make a sound was totally paralyzed. It lasted for several minutes, as I struggled inside My heart racing, I felt as tho I had a body ontop of mine as tho I literally was being pinned and tormented. When I was finally free I ran from the room and into the living room where my son 15 at the time was coming into the entryway to me saying he felt the need to see me all of a sudden and I told him what had happened. The next morning I went strait to the church and had a one on one with the local priest who immediately came to bless the house. It took TWO blessings to make it even comfortable enough to stay there long enough to find another place, What the Father said made perfect sense. The house was very old but with my husband dieing and in such tumoil we were easy prey. The plains between life and death good and bad can be crossed without ever knowing it. The inner and outer turmoil my family was going thru opened a gateway for spiritual conflict and believe me it came and it came fast and hard. Since he passed away we have relocated and lead a very different life, kids are almost grown. BUT-the memories of that time will never ever leave my mind or my heart. I was the biggest skeptic of all until a very REAL and personal HAPPENING hit home! IT DOES happen.

Mar 17, 2010
Yeah there are ghosts
by: Anonymous

Ghosts are real, I've seen them with my own eyes. However, it sounds like you're dealing with unhuman spirits like evil spirits. I'd be careful. You might want to have a priest bless your house. Playing with black magic or other magic can bring evil spirits to you. It isn't something to play with. Not trying to be funny just trying to help you out. My grand mother used to play with magic and had all kinds of beings in her house. I quit going over there. I have stories about her home but people think I'm making it up 'cause it doesn't sound real. Good luck.

Mar 17, 2010
it happens at school
by: megon&emaleigh

hello im emaleigh and this is megan at hawbush primry school the curtons move with out the windos being open,foot steps in the girls loo, the tap turns on its own and we did some resurch and a girl hung her self.

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