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Comments for
Oak Harbor, Washingon Ghost

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Aug 19, 2008
Pretty Scary
by: Someone

Wow honestly i would be scared to death!!!!!

Aug 11, 2008
Could be haunted!!
by: Lisa

Hi Just wanted to put my two cents worth in. I am a newbie in paranormal investigating, but what I have done has been with a professional and very reputable ghost group.
I have been studying the paranormal world for about a year and a half, so feel like I do know something about it, but of course not as much as some people, which I am sure someone will tell me I am wrong.

What I feel you have in the building you are referring to is a poltergeist haunting. Simple terms of poltergeist are that polter comes from the German word poltern, meaning to rumble or make noise. Geist means ghost, spirit or embodiment. Will denote a spirit demon or ghost, that manifests itself by moving and influencing objects.
Unless there has ever been physical harm done to an occupant of this building, chance are you only have someone or more than one spirit, haunting you that wants your attention and will do what they can to get it.
Have you ever done any research on the building? Or know any of the history of it just from local legends? If you get time you may be able to get that info from your local library. If you ever do take the time to check it out, please let us know what you find. I am very interested in this.
Thanks for your time,

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