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Comments for
Now I Know Ghosts Exist - Ghost in the Attic

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Apr 05, 2009
hmmm....not necessarily the case
by: Anonymous

sometimes you can actually have illutions-optical (seeing illutions) or just basically hearing things. these things can happen. Just because you hear a few bangs doesn't mean that ghosts are real. For example:
A tap on a window-Now this one's obvious to explain... (I'm no proffesional but I think deeply)That tapping on a window could be a breeze of wind and forcing a tree branch to form a tapping or bumping-into-a-window illusion. One tiny thing that you hear can lead ideas into your brain from gut-reactions. That bang in the attic could just be something that was on an edge and starting to slip and then "bang" on the floor...So really, I don't think that we will ever actually really come across some "real ghosts"-My advice is: "think deep and investigate before coming to conclusions" I know what you're thinking: yeah rite, what do you know? rite? well, am tellin' ya now...just dont hop to conclusions from gut-reactions.

Aug 29, 2008
Good Story
by: Charmaine

Lena should have beleived you. I wonder how the distinguished gentlemen departed?

Jul 26, 2008
ghost in my house
by: Anonymous

i used to have a ghost in my house. i wasnt born yet so thats good

Jun 15, 2008
I feel your pain..hahahahaha
by: mike

I have always believed in ghosts and believe it or not i can tell when they are close to me or where they are...im only 16 but i feel that the ghost in your house is attached to the house.
My opinion is to let the ghost know that you dont mean it any harm and that you understand why its there...let it feel that it can be comfortable and not scared of you...beleive me it works

Jun 10, 2008
Superb Account of Haunting
by: Anonymous

Knowing what it is like to have such an experience, I find this story to be highly likely. It is of rare accounting that stories as this are told.

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