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My Uncle's Ghost Story

by Ashly
(Australia )

My uncle Adam was good at telling ghost stories. When we went camping, with everyone sitting next to the fire, we listened to his chilling stories. Usually he made them up, but we didn't know that. Although thinking back now there was one story that was true and is hard to get out of my head . . .

My Uncle had gone out one night to a friend's place. I think it was a BBQ i cant quite remember. My Aunt Julie stayed home. My Uncle Adam didn't get back until about 9:00pm. He decided to call it a night. On his way back home he decided to give my Aunt Julie a call and ask if she wanted anything at the shops, the phone kept ringing and he assumed she had gone to sleep early.

Anyway, as he pulled up to the driveway, he saw Aunt Julie standing near the window and realized she was awake. As he stepped through the door he started to talk to her asking her questions, however he didn't get a reply from the other room. The tv was still on so she was probably sitting in the lounge room watching it. To his surprise she was lying on the couch with a blanket over her and looking as if she were asleep, he suddenly thought she was joking with him and that she wasn't really asleep at all, so he started to poke and tickle her to "wake" her up. She woke up alright . .. but for real. He said to her " I saw you out the window as I was pulling up, you're not really asleep."

Aunt Julie looked at him funny and then replied, "What are talking about? I have been asleep . . you just woke me up!"

After finally realising it wasn't her at the window, he decided there must be someone in the house and started to look in every room of the house for an intruder, but no one had broken in or gotten out. That night he could hear faint noises in the house and couldn't get to sleep.

Then, and this is the part that freaks my out, he said he could hear the door creak open so very softly and footsteps slowly walking in his room and then...just disappearing.

He doesn't really like to tell the story because it just creeps him out till this day...true story.

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