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My Haunted House in Waterford, Ireland

by ER

We had a spare room for a while upstairs in my house so my dad decided to use it as an office and a place to store his old records and everything.

Every night for a year I would wake up at exactly 3am and hear old music, the low hum of voices and clinking of glasses with the occasional quiet laugh.

Every night I went upstairs and all the lights were off and no one was there. But this is not the only weird thing about my house.

We built the house new on an old site. A few years before we moved in, my mother had had a miscarriage. When we moved into the house, at night I always heard the patter of baby feet running up and down the corridor but when I looked obviously nothing was there. Then after a few months of being in the house my mother found out she was pregnant again. As soon as she had the baby boy, I no longer heard the footsteps. My little sister had gone.

When my new little brother was 4, he would never shut up talking. There was always some weird feeling whenever you would walk by our staircase, then one night my little brother turned to me and said "Why does Thomas always stand at the top of the stairs?"

I asked him who was Thomas and he pointed at the top of the stairs and said "That man. He won't tell me his name but he looks like Uncle Thomas so i call him Thomas."

My mother's father died when she was 11, and his son Thomas is the spitting image of him. We think it's my granddad at the top of the stairs.

One night 3 weeks ago, my little brother had a nightmare and came into my bed. I woke up to him crying and got up to see if he was OK. When I looked at him, I saw a blonde young man standing by the bed looking worried. I turned to turn on the lamp, stunned, but by the time I did, he was gone and my brother had stopped crying.

You might not believe any of this, but I don't see why I would lie about my relatives or anyone else haunting my house. I just thought I'd share a story seeing as I read everyone elses.

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My Haunted House in Waterford, Ireland

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Jan 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

I just read your story and found it very interesting,we may be interested in investigating the activity for you, we don't charge money or anything like that we just have a keen interest in the paranormal.We have recently been on the frontpage of the corkman and in two other papers, please check out our website and if your interested just send us an Email, I'm Tom by the way

Nov 07, 2010
If you want to get rid of your ghost, read on
by: UMM

We moved into a modern house in early 2010 and were bothered by ghosts from the first night. After a couple of months of nightly disturbances, we discovered a way to calm the spirits and help them move on. We want to freely help others who are similarly having disrupted lives and to help the restless spirits too. Our story was so strange we wrote a website about it. Check out http://www.peteroosia.webs.com for details of our experience. Please let us know your results.

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