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Comments for
My Haunted Apartment

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Feb 18, 2009
by: Lindsey

I to have always my whole life experienced the paranormal, I feel maybe because I have always been surounded by death (I have lost lots of friends and family). I moved into an old rental house with a boyfriend everything was always fine there, however he was killed and after this very strange things happend to myself and other friends who entered the house. It was always such an uneasy feeling there and one night my friends were leaving and there were very loud footsteps coming up the basement stairs at them, they all ran out screaming. Another time I was sitting downstairs and the bedroom doors upstairs started slaming closed I was to scared to go see what was going on. I moved out a couple months after "the peak" of all this weird stuff happening. The house was owned by a church they put it back up for rent when I moved out but soon took the for rent sign down and then tore the house down. I moved to a small 1 bedroom apartment for a year and never felt anything strange or had any strange occurances. I have now moved into a 2 bed bottom floor apartment and havent even been here for a month yet and I am convinced it is haunted. I keep hearing a cat meowing at me and there is no cat there, I was taking a shower the other day and suddenly the shower doors just started shaking then I heard people talking right outside the bathroom door but there was no one else there. I was laying in bed last night and noticed a shadow watching me from my doorway it disapeered as soon as I seen it. I am not the only one who hears the cat, and myself and visitors feel as if someone is always watching them there. I am terrified to say the least. But as soon as stuff starts flying off my walls I am out of there! Thanks for sharing--Lindsey

Nov 05, 2008
eaisly explained
by: brenda from michigan

this is the reflectin from the phpto takers iris.put on a pair of magnified glasses and you will see what i mean

Nov 05, 2008
you too?!!!?
by: breeze

in my apartment there is sounds of crinkled plastic wrappers is the only way i can explain the sound. Sometimes i hear and smell the coffee pot starting late at night usually around 3a.m. i am not scared anymore but interested in your thoughts on this

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