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Mowery House Mystery

by RhapSody
(Cleveland, TN)

Unknown Object

Unknown Object

These photos were made one after the other at the Mowery House. There was a question of moisture on the lens in another pic but there was no moisture anywhere on this day. Temp 87 F, 3 pm EST, day was clear and sunny. I did not see anything when I made the photos, they appeared when I downloaded the photos to my computer. Hope you enjoy what I think is paranormal activity. See if you spot anything strange....I was surprised by my captures.

More of the story:

In 1970 I lived in this house. Now empty and in ruin, I went back there to take some pictures while it was still standing. The day was clear, no rain or fog, just evening sunlight. Nothing was seen while I was there, however, my photos show some interesting activity. Because of my history in knowing this house was active, I tend to lean toward this being paranormal activity. Mrs. Mowery's body was discovered in a well outside the back door. She had fallen into a fifteen foot deep well. We purchased and moved into the house when the son put it up for sale two years later. Many strange things happened while I lived there. I was so excited to see, after all these years, it was NOT in my mind. These photos show something strange lives there.

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Mowery House Mystery

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Jul 29, 2010
Dirty Windscreen
by: Professional Photographer

When taking photos from inside a car which is obviously the case with this pic. Clean the screen OR wind down the window.. Or better yet, get out of the car! Pfffft!

Jul 31, 2009
Mowery Mystery House
by: Anonymous

Upon closer examination, I see a lot of strange anomalies, including the woman and child (perhaps two children) in 2nd floor center window. There's something in the far left upper window and a transparent figure of a man whose head is glowing coming through the front door. In addition, I see green orbs around the eves of the roof and a peculiar bright blob-like anomaly on the right corner of the photo. Lots going on that I never noticed before.

Jan 08, 2009
by: LP

WOW.... both his pictures gave me a crazy feeling, I sat and stared at them for a while, all of a sudden, this one, and the other, I just started catching faces, in the window, and the most distint one here is on the upper left, blended in with the tree branches... WOW again, both his pics caught my attention, and although I keep missing the fiqures in others, these two just became clear as day to me with all of the distrubing images i see.... WOW again, unbeleivable

Oct 12, 2007
by: Anonymous

Does anyone see the lady in the upper window? I do

Sep 17, 2007
Car Window Dirt
by: Anonymous

Looks like the photo was taken through a dirty car window, there are obvious reflections from the window in the image....

Sep 16, 2007
by: Anonymous

Dirty lens! You should have taken more than one picture.

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