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LEFT for ghostsandstories.com

Man in the Forest

by Anonymous
(New Zealand)

One day when I was at a friends house (she lives in a cottage on a hill by a farm)we went for a walk down the long, windy, steep, gravel driveway in the afternoon. there was a forest next to the driveway where she collected pinecones to sell for pocket money, while we were still on the drive way we saw the outline of a figure at the edge of the forest it looked like a person holding a stick wearing traditional Maori clothes. she had never seen it before and we started to get scared so we went back to the cottage.

we were still wanting to know what/who it was and what they were doing there so we atempted to aproach it many more times but got scared and ran away every time then we decided to get prepared.

we put on belts and tied things to them such as our cellphones, rope, food and other useful items. then we put mud lines on our faces with lipgloss, grabed a hiking stick each and headed off.

when we got there we decided to go at it from different angles I went one way and she went the other but when we got there ready to defend ourselves if need be but it just disappeared into thin air and that night when we were in bed we heard an awful noise on the roof like thumping and scratching then we heard dogs barking right outside our window even though all the farm dogs were in there kennels at the bottom of the hill, next worst of all we heard a whispering sound calling our names by this time we were terrified so we opened the curtains to see if anything was there we saw 4 figures disappear into the darkness.

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