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Malaysia Ghost Research Video

Wow. This video is awesome. I found it on YouTube and it was created by Malaysia Ghost Research at www.cikguaugustine.net/ghostresarch.

There is an interesting light phenomenon that occurs. It almost looks like lightning.

What do you guys think it is?

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Malaysia Ghost Research Video

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Oct 10, 2009
ghost at the graveyard
by: Anonymous

it was a type of insect that we call in malay as PEPATUNG.........

Jan 17, 2009
Malaysian Ghost Research - Spirit Energy Vs Insect
by: Augustine Towonsing

Greetings in peace, love and light. Thanks Beatrice for your sharing. I have been solo in paranormal research for the past 5 years and some of your experienced have the similarity to what I had gone through.

I have been watching of how an insect passes and recorded on video. Therefore, I know exactly which one is insect and which one is spirit energy. One good example of this phenomena that one can watch is a video that I had posted in youtube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bh2io_-3Kl0.

Watch it, the truth is just a click away...

Jan 17, 2009
Ghost is a form of energy called spirit/force
by: Beatrice

Ghosts exist at least to me, because I encountered them while no one else did where I was.
1) I heard footstep walking toward my room, I thought it was my mother.

2) It came into my room as a form of white object but had two big eyes.

3) I was sick in Hospital. This one was weird, and worse than ever. In the vening I was playing card with my nurses after dinner, then two men came to my room and told the nurses/Dr. that they were called to pick up the dead body. I was so scared,but my nurses told the men NO. I remembered there're two patients in my room, me and another girl. I didn't remmeber was she dead or alive. I was sick (Jaundice).

4) I was walking near by the creekpark next to a few houses not far from my camp just for fun, then all of the sudden I heard many people talking and kids crying behind those thick trees, I then yelled "Hello people. Are you new here?". Not just said hello to them I walked into it. When I was walking into the noisy place, I heard a woman said "that's was little peaches" (Peaches is my nick name". I thought somebody who knew me, and because I was bored and wanted to find friends to play with I was not scared.

5) I walked passed by an abandoned water well just a few yard from my camp, a lady was about 24 years old drawing water from the well, it was odd. She only turned her back at me.

6) I rode my bike playig around in the village, then an old woman about 50 or so stopped me and we were talking a few minutes. As soon as I got on my bike and look back to say bye, she was gone.

Ps: People are entitled to their own opinions, but ghosts exist to me, because I do exist and so does my soul/spirit/force. It neither can be created nor destroyed.

I don't care whoever don't believe me, I believe myself because I had experiences.


Aug 30, 2008
umm what??
by: Anonymous

it looked like someone twirling a piece of string in front of the camera and then a bug flew in front

Jul 06, 2008
Open mind
by: Augustine Towonsing

Understanding only can be revealed when we are open to a such phenomena. When we have no experience in this field we might stuck to the old folks thinking that ghost only appears in human form and thats is not true. Anyway thanks so much for you opinion. Thats great opinion anyway.

Jul 06, 2008
by: Anonymous

It's obviously insects considering the fact that you can see an insect of some sort near the camera.

Nov 16, 2007
Ghosts do not only exist in human form.
by: Augustine Towonsing

Very interesting! When one can not understand the existence of the spirits of dead, one will label the spirit according to their perceptions. Since spirits exist in the form of electromagnetic fields they can appear in a multitude of energy patterns. One should realize the nature of the anomaly in this clip which is the anomaly discharged energy into the air before it disappeared. As for the moth, it would not disappear by discharging some kind of energy!

Oct 28, 2007
by: Anonymous

Really? I mean, really? If there was any supernatural activity I didn't catch it. I went over the clip a few times... all I saw was a moth flying before the camera lens. That was no ghost.

Sep 24, 2007
The Owner visited.
by: Augustine Towonsing

Hi Charles,

Thanks for linking to our research findings. I'm the founder of the Malaysian Ghost Research and really appreciate your interest puting in our paranormal video in your site. Thank you.

Best regards,
Augustine Towonsing, CGR,CPI,CEVPR,PDP,CI,CPC

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