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Local Occurrences - Ghost Hunt!



We made a video of what it would be like for a local access show to try to film a ghost hunt during the daytime. The host doesn't want to go at night because he's actually scared of ghosts so he convinces an expert to fake a hunt with him during the day.

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Local Occurrences - Ghost Hunt!

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Mar 02, 2009
by: twin peaks paranormal

just too funney THANKS GUYS

Feb 27, 2009
What can I say?
by: Brenda - Webmaster

Did you guys actually make this video or are you posting someone else's? I accepted it in hopes it was the former.

You guys are talented! I busted a gut watching this. Especially the ghost poo. You should have a series. If you make more related to the paranormal and if they're respectful, I'll run them for you. I love it!

I like that you poke fun and the way you do it. Some people will believe anything and that's not what we're (I) am about. This site is for having fun. Spookiness and fun. We try to keep it real and try to be honest. We don't believe everything we see . . . or hear.

So bring it on guys. I'm listening. Don't know how my visitors will take you, but I'm listening and now that you're live, we're about to find out.

Have a great day and thanks for the vid!

Hey, feel free to post your website if you've got one. I am totally into helping people with talent and ambition.

Ooooh. How's this for an idea? Why don't you shoot a scary movie or a spoof of a scary movie? (No cussing or too much gore, though.) If it's good, I'll give you more exposure.


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