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Las Vegas Haunting

by Chelsea

When I was about 8 we had moved to Las Vegas and lived in this really old apartment downtown. But even when I was younger, I had seen things out of the norm. This place just gave me the creeps. I was so scared I started sleeping in my mama's room.

One night I woke to get a glass of water and I came back to bed and fell asleep, but within less than 5 minutes of sleeping, I awoke to a tug on my blanket. I looked up and saw a little girl in what looked like a 40's, maybe even 50's dress with long hair and an ashy pink/maybe purple dress. She just stared at me and then I closed my eyes and she was gone. I told my mama in the morning and she said it was only a dream but I knew for a fact it wasn't.

Then about a couple of weeks later I was watching TV in mama's room. I got tired so I turned it off and went to bed. As I was turning over and was facing the door to the hallway, I saw a man. He was very dark but I could see the outline of him and he was wearing a hat. He kind of looked like my grandpa who passed away some years ago before moving to Vegas. I was also told that the building we lived in was built in the mid 30's and 40's and that they kind of just built on to it years later.

I was so terrified that I never slept alone until I was about 12 and then I stopped seeing things. Sometimes I get weird vibes or I can tell if someone else is in the room just but very rare do I see things I just can't explain anymore.

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