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LEFT for ghostsandstories.com


by Dawsome
(Kentucky, USA)

I don't really know if this one is true or not but it freaks me out.

Once a while ago a young man was going to a school Christmas dance at his local high school. Once arrived, he walked inside. He was talking to some buddies when he happened to glance at this girl sitting on the bleachers. To him she was beautiful. So he walked over to where she was he smiled and said hello. She glanced at him and smiled.

"Hey there." She said.

"Hey I am Alec do I know you?" He asked her.

"You look familiar to me. I think we had Science together one year, and by the way I am Jenny." She said. He and she talked for a while and he finally asked her to dance with him. She accepted and they danced and danced.

When the dance was over he asked to take her home. She agreed and they went to his car. They talked for a while and she asked for him to drop her off here and that her cousin's place was just up this little hill and that there had been an accident nearby and he would be able to go through to the hill because of it. So he stopped and smiled at her and asked if he could take her out to a movie sometime. She said yes and he decided to give her some tinsel he had gotten from the dance. She put it in her hair and began walking. He began to drive away then realized he hadn't even asked for her phone number. "She couldn't have walked far..." he thought to himself.

As he drove along he noticed something smoking a few feet up the street and nearer and nearer to the hill. He came to the source that happen to be a car that had run off the road and hit a tree. He got out of the car and walked to it and noticed someone was trapped inside. As he came closer and closer he began to shake. For inside trapped was Jenny. Dead, but with the tinsel still in her hair�

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