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Jackie on Queen Mary

by Chris Lundgren
(Huntington Beach Ca.)

Jackie Picture Queen Mary 1

Jackie Picture Queen Mary 1

Jackie Picture Queen Mary 1Jackie Picture Queen Mary 2 blown up to view

Roughly around 2008 my then fiance and I went to the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California. I've always felt an unexplainable attraction to the ship. It has been almost like a comfortable place to relax.

I'm not anything special no claims of being a medium or anything like that. Just always felt a strong attraction to the pool. I've been to the ship several times. I always, for some reason, feel like a child is near me. I can't explain it.

So finally I took the private haunted tour. I had a very understanding tour guide. He allowed me to hang out in the pool area alone. I felt silly but started talking out loud to Jackie. In a kind and in a gentle tone. Saying I believed in her and cared about her.

I then told her I had a camera. I told her if she wanted a picture taken I would do so. I said I'm going to take her picture and told her I would count to 3. When I took the picture I saw nothing while I was taking it. But got home and was shocked to find a little girl floating in mid air. She is to the far right.

I have the original and the blown up view. Tell me what you see. I still feel drawn to the pool to this day and I can't explain why. But I believe I have been blessed with her allowing me to have her picture.

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