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I Have Seen Ghosts

by Anonymous

I have never thought that I would ever encounter the supernatural in my life. But when I did, it affected me so much, and changed my whole perspective of life and the afterlife.

I have lived in this apartment in NJ for four years. During this time, I have seen dark figures darting across my peripheral vision. Thought I just imagined it.

I work from home and one day, I was playing my stereo. It kept shutting off. I checked if there is a power outage, but there was none.

I was working on my computer one night, and something touched my elbow, and there was no one there. I was in the bedroom one time, and heard a whisper in my ear and ran out of the bedroom.

Then one night, I saw my first real ghost encounter. I woke up in the middle of the night, and opened my eyes and saw this white figure of a man looking at me. He was wearing a suit. He was all white, like a statue in the cemetery. I closed my eyes again, and opened, still there and when I looked up he was looking at me and smiled. I closed my eyes and when I opened, he was gone.

Then again one night, around 12:30 am. I woke up, looked at the alarm clock and then, right next to the armoire, was the head of a woman floating in midair. Her hair was nicely done, and she was wearing a beaded necklace. She seemed like a 1950's woman. She was there for about seven seconds and then she disappeared. She looked so sad as she was looking at the bedroom window. From that point on, I knew that there is a spiritual realm, an afterlife.

I became very sad, as I questioned my very existence. I believe what I saw is something that is not supposed to be seen, and somehow my existence and their existence crossed.
I became quite ill, both mentally and physically after this experience. It is something I never want to see again.

I now appreciate life more, and the people around me. Our time here on this earth is precious, and we must show our love and kindness to each other as much as we can.

I asked a psychic for advice about my experience and was told to put sea salt around the house and bathe in sea salt every now and then. I also smudged the apartment as per the psychic�s advice. I now wear a rosary around my neck when I go to sleep.

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I Have Seen Ghosts

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Feb 11, 2011
Nice story
by: suyash

It's a bit scary especially the head part of a woman

Jan 07, 2011
by: jayla

Omg. I'd never imagine that, that will happen to me. But I like scary stories and movies. I'm addicted w/ it.

Sep 19, 2010
Me too
by: Rainey

In every house I've lived in I have experienced strange things that are similar. I woke up and was angry. My bedroom door would swing back and forth for no reason. As soon as I yelled out to the ghost that I wasn't in the mood today it stopped as soon as the words left my mouth. If you experience anything else just talk to the spirit maybe they can hear us I believe mine did.

May 14, 2010
Seeing Ghosts
by: Anonymous

I have seen ghosts most of my life. They have never frightened me at all. They have been ghosts of loved ones passed.

I haven't seen any that are not related to me, but I have felt their touch or heard them near by. They never offer to harm me and I just talk to them. I have told them that I am busy please go away and perhaps another time I will talk to them.

They always comply with my wishes.

I believe my boyfriend's mother has come to visit many times. She is welcome in our home anytime she wants to come.

Apr 30, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have never seen ghosts, and I would not like it at all! I am afraid of those kind of things.

Mar 13, 2010
see life as it is
by: Adeline

i was also young It's been a part of my life. I thought I was crazy growing up, no one ever talked about it. Now on TV, they talk about it all the time.

Mar 11, 2010
i seen a ghost too
by: kiona

When I was younger I always seen ghosts almost every day and now I know that I am a medium and can talk to ghosts and they talk to me.

Feb 01, 2010
the ghost i have seem
by: Anonymous

I have seen ghosts all my life, but when I moved here I have not seem any. One time I was hanging clothes on the line outside my window and I saw this guy dressed in gray just looking at me. I went back to hanging clothes and I looked again and he was gone.

The time before that I was working in a nursing home in NJ, the 11-7 shift, and the other person I was with was making rounds. This woman went by i thought it was my boss, but I didn't see any face, and my boss did not make rounds at the time. That's why I know they are there.

Nov 06, 2009
oh my god
by: Anonymous

i feel sorry for you must have been really scared i would have been terrified and started crying honestly

Sep 13, 2009
by: Brenda

That is quite an experience! I have had things happen to me every now and then since my Grandmother passed away when I was 13. Here I am 59 and things still happen to me. I do believe that some spirits are HAPPY and they just want to let you know they are there and I always 'talk' to them and always say.."PLEASE DON'T SCARE ME." And so far, they haven't. I think once you acknowledge them, it somehow makes the connection with us easier for them and they are OKAY. I don't know. My most recent one was about 30 minutes ago. I went to let my cat in from my front porch where the washer and dryer are (enclosed porch) and the dryer door which was open banged a couple of times. I think I forgot to let someone else back in! lol My dear Friend JEFF. Before he passed away he told me was going to come back and haunt me and he promised NOT to scare me. He is always around and the PROOF is on the photo I sent this site entitled CLASSROOM GHOSTS. Look it up. There you can see a very CLEAR orb right next to me smiling. You can see eyes and mouth etc. AND there are two more in the background against the brown wall. THAT photo was taken with a digital camera at 2:45 in the afternoon where I work with toddlers and it was about 2 weeks after JEFF has passed away. And the interesting thing is, the orb even LOOKS like him! lol And NO I am NOT crazy, nor do I intentionally LOOK for ghosts. I don't sit around thinking about them waiting for things to happen. These experiences just happen out of the blue. I have done research on this phenomena. And there ARE evil spirits and what you did was very good. I always say a prayer of protection to Michael The Arc Angel if I get a BAD feeling. So - you are JUST FINE. You are NOT seeing things etc. What you saw was REAL. Just read up more on what happened to you. Wear your crucifix/rosary and say the prayer of protection and all will be well. And if it should happen to you again, you will KNOW what to do. BLESSINGS and PEACE +

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