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by Cate

My father grew up in this creeeeepy old house, which my grandparents still own to this day (they rent it out - it is directly across the street from their own home). Anyways, one day, my grandparents and parents were preparing to clean the house out for new tenants arriving soon. I went along to help. From the moment you walk in, you feel uneasy in this house. It's an old, war-era house, from the 1920's.

Now, I myself have never experienced anything aside from creepy feelings. But my father, who lived there as a boy, had many stories to tell. His first room in that house, he shared with my uncle. When he was about ten years old, he awoke in his room at around 3am, for no apparent reason. He sat up, fully awake, to see a 'glowing' shape of a man's body lying on the floor at the end of his bed. Creepy. (I later learned that a previous owner had died in the house. Maybe it was him??)

When he was a few years older, he moved his room to the basement (CREEPIEST PLACE EVER.) It is unfinished and concrete for half, and the other half is this little suite with a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom) Well, his parents went away for a weekend with my uncle, and my father stayed home (he was about 18.) He was in his room, dozing off one night, when he heard the blow dryer in the bathroom next to his room turn on full blast. But the weird thing was, he hadn't used it that day. It was unplugged, he knew for sure. When he went to check, it turned itself off right away, but was plugged in. He unplugged it.

The same thing happened two more times that night. Weird things would happen, things would "move," my grandparents would hear scratching noises and dragging noises, etc. Later, once my grandparents moved out, my father and mother married, and decided to rent this house to give themselves time to save up for their own place later on. My mother knew nothing of these weird occurrences before she agreed to move in, or else she wouldn't have gone. Anyways, nothing much really happened during the 2 years they lived there, until their last night. My father again woke up (in a different room this time) in the early hours for no apparent reason. He saw a glowing above him, and felt a strong presence, but couldn't move. I would have freaked, but he thought nothing much of this. He felt this was the spirit's way of saying goodbye to him before he left.

Anyways, I haven't been in that house since hearing these stories like 6 years ago. I will never go back. Way too creeeepyyy!!!

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