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Hitchhiker Ghost

by Derek Nol
(Kentucky, USA)

While I was in college, pre-Onstar days, I worked for a lock smith company. My job was primarily to unlock cars for people had locked their keys in their car.

Well one night, I took majority of 3rd shift calls, around 2am I get a call on the radio about someone locked their keys in their car at a cemetery. Ok, the gentlemen told me after the incident this information. He had visited his mother's grave with his brother earlier that day. They decided to get something to eat. He just rode with his brother and left his car at the cemetery and would get it later. Well after dinner, and some chat time with his brother he decided to get his car and head home.

His brother dropped him off at his car and left. Neither realizing he left his keys in his car, locked. So after walking to the local gas station, he called us. (Keep in mind this was around '98, so cell phones weren't everywhere like now.)

So by around 2:40 or so I pull into the cemetery and the man is standing by his car, his face is solid white with fear in his eyes. I park the car get out my tools and ask the man if he is ok. He tells me, "Man you won't believe this. But some lady walked up to ask for a ride. I could see right through her. Your headlights shined on her and she disappeared."

So while I'm figuring out how to get the door open and opening the door, we both were really creeped out. I get it unlocked fairly easily and while I begin the paperwork, we both commented on how chilly it started to get. This was around the 4th of July so it was hot and muggy, the temperature dropped to were I felt my body shivering inside.

Now he was in front and to the left of me maybe a few feet. I was looking down, writing his information down when he got quiet. When I looked up I saw the same look he had when I pulled up. I felt an "uneasiness" like someone was behind me. Suddenly I saw in his eyes something was there and close. And in an instant I felt something touch my shoulder. Not just a tap, but a good amount of weight and pressure, like some hand had grabbed my shoulder to get my attention.

I dropped the notebook with the paper work, and turned but only saw a fog or a mist. The guy was speechless. I suggested we drive to the gas station to finish the paperwork.

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Hitchhiker Ghost

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Apr 08, 2011
Don't be paranoid
by: Anonymous

I understand why you would be so creeped out, I have had a ghost try to touch and communicate with me too, but it doesn't get colder when a ghost is around. That is a common misconception, and I have no clue where it started. I know someone that can see, talk, and touch all ghosts, and I asked her if that was true. She said it wasn't and that people just make that up to make their stories more dramatic. I do trust you though on the rest of your facts and I appreciate your story.

Jan 29, 2011
Eyes Dont Fool U
by: Anonymous

People Watch u from the ground and the sky

Oct 16, 2009
by: Author

Did some small research but could not find anything relevant about an older lady in the area and mysterious/untimely deaths etc. I have not seen anything or expereinced anything as such, but every time I go in the area I feel "watched" but that could be my own fear or it could be something there who knows.

Sep 29, 2009
by: Anonymous

did you do any research on the area?

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