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Haunting Stories: A Vowing to Return

by Rhiannoin
(Great Britan)

A few years ago now, I lived in the county with no neighbors for miles. I was young so I lived with my mother and father and my grandparents lived on the same land.

One day my father took me out to see our horses on the moor, many of which were in foal or had had foals.

I had grown up my whole life around horses and I could sense their moods, changes etc. This one night I knew that one of our mares would go into labor even though it was 2 weeks early. I tried to convince my father but he thought otherwise.

I woke from my bed that night swearing that I could hear the cries of the mare. Dressing in clothes I began my long walk to the fields. When I got to the gate an old shepherd was waiting.
I shone the flashlight into his eyes.

"The foal is dead. Your father is to blame and I will not let him live without knowing what he has done"

I ran straight back to my house screaming the whole way. When I got home I told the story to my father and he went out saying that the man was trespassing and would not come on the land again.

It should have only taken him 1/2 an hour to get there and back. I sat on the stairs all night vowing he would return. The morning came and we all went out searching, we called the police and they sent a helicopter search party out.

That night I went back to the gate and the shepherd was waiting.

"Your father doesn't know what he has done therefore he had to go."

"Go where!!??"

"That is not for you to know"

He turned and walked back through the gate. I couldn't follow so I began the walk home calling for father the whole way.

He never came back.

I still live in the same house. I could not bear to leave the house in case he came back one night. I sit on the stairs every night waiting, yet he has never returned.

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