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Haunted Porcelain Doll

by True Ghost tales
(Lexington, KY, USA)

Is it possible for a doll to be haunted? I have read or heard numerous stories about haunted dolls. In fact, I have had an encounter with a set of antique dolls that were haunted, or possessed, by the ghost of an elderly lady. Here we have a story about Debbie, an evil haunted doll.

Here is a story about a haunted porcelain doll that was shared with me by Stephany.

It was my little sister's tenth birthday and we were having a gathering with all of our family. One of her uncles had seen this beautiful porcelain doll and said "I have to get this for Jazmine" (my little sister). As soon as she got it she loved it but what she didn't know was that it was evil. Pure evil!

Later that night everything changed. Jazmine had left Debbie on the couch, she forgot she had left it there and had gone to sleep. Well I was just watching TV and not really worrying about that doll even though I had heard many terrifying doll stories, still this one didn't seem so bad.

As I was watching TV I heard something whisper my name in a sweet voice. I thought it was one of my sisters, they always tried to scare me! As I turned so did Debbie. I was so terrified I almost wet myself. I thought maybe it was just cause it was late and I was tired, so I went to bed.

That night I just laid in bed. Everything was silent and I heard footstep but not like any other like little footsteps running towards my door. Then I heard my doorknob turning I jumped up and by the crack of my door I saw Debbie. I looked into her eyes, they were big beautiful blue eyes. They were as blue as the sky but yet so cold. I will never forget those eyes. I quickly shut my door and locked it. All night I heard that door jiggling. Then it stopped for the night and I fell asleep.

So the next day everything went well, until it got dark then that's when everything got really scary. This time I wasn't the only one who this beautiful yet terrifying doll tortured that night. As me and my sister were watching TV we heard footsteps and that's when we got really silent. As the footsteps came closer, our hearts were beating faster and louder and there she was, Debbie.

I quickly got up and ran, actually we all ran. I ran toward the kitchen looking for something to defend myself with. The best thing I could find was a pan. As I heard her coming towards me. I braced myself. We were face to face. I was dealing with my nightmare, something I thought could never happen to me and I pinched myself to make sure this wasn't a dream but in fact a nightmare.

I ran as fast as I could and as I turned around I could see her right behind me. My heart racing faster and faster. I was cornered. I had no where to run, no where to hide. Its as if she wanted this to happened to me and as if she wanted to see me in pain. She took one step forward. I took a swing at her with all my might.

She jumped up and said this to me, which I would never forget "your life is in my hands". Debbie came towards me biting my leg. Pain running up and down my leg. I screamed and took another swing at her. I kept hitting and hitting her. as I looked down at her it looked like blood was spilling out of her as if she was alive or something.

I would have never thought this would happen to me but it did and to this day that terrifying night still haunts me. Never will I forget those beautiful eyes that brought so much terror. Who would have known that Debbie was so evil. Well Jazmine, lets just say that she's just not the same anymore. We never figured out why she had attacked us but we didn't care as long as it was all over!

Copyright 2008 True Ghost Tales, used with permission.

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Haunted Porcelain Doll

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Aug 26, 2011
Ok but weird!!!
by: Lucy!xxxx

That story is funny but totally weird!!! You said
your sister was controlling it!!! That bit I don't
believe!!!! But the rest. Is kinda. CRAZY!!!8-O

Jun 09, 2011
I see...
by: ♠ Angelo ♠

It makes a great story to tell around the camp fire. But that's all it is in my opinion, a story. The paranormal can do a lot with their lingering energies, but they can certanly NOT control a porcelain doll to attack people.

They're just top weak for that type of interaction. Sounds or feelings of being touched would be more realistic. This story on the other hand, is highly ficticious.

May 14, 2010
by: stephany

First of all you cant say it untrue unless it has happen to you. So I say deal with it. I saw it with my own eyes you don't believe me fine, but what proof do you have that it's not?

Apr 04, 2010
by: Anonymous

Well so much moving I don't know but its possible.
so here's my story:

My mom loves to shop at thrift stores, she always has since I can remember. I think its been about 2 years since she brought home this porcelain doll. The doll is beautiful I will not lie, but all I could think was why would such a beautiful doll be at a thrift store? No scratches or marks or cracks either.

I don't like that doll. I sometimes watch TV in her and my dad's bedroom, (thats where she keeps the doll now, on top of her dresser). Well I can never stay in there unless the doll is turned facing the other way. My mom always gets mad at me but I swear that thing is possessed.

At first I had no real reason to believe it was, it just creeped me out and gave me this very bad and uncomfortable feeling. After a while I started having nightmares of the doll. In my dreams she is always attacking me and chasing me and in the end I do destroy her. Its really creepy in my dreams shes only after me. I'm usually home alone, I like to be, until now. A couple of weeks ago (I was home alone) and I walked into my parents room, I was looking for some string my mom has in a box for this bracelet I was making, ( from where I was the doll was across from me but her body is shifted a little to the side, in a way that I can still see her face and eyes and bodies front from an angle) so I looked up and the doll had her eyes on me and she did for about a second or two before she turned them away, back to the original position. I was so freaked out and I just ran out of there and closed my parents door. Since then my nightmares have become more frequent. I tried telling my mom and dad but they don't believe me but I swear she did. I'm really freaked out, the other day I was also home alone so I decided to test her and stood there staring at her, I figured it would take her a while if she decided to attack me. Well she didn't move at first or her eyes or anything but then she looked at me again and blinked really fast her eyes into normal position. I am so creeped out about that doll I stay away from my moms room if I can. I swear she's out to get me.

Dec 16, 2009
Your Story is Fake
by: Anonymous

The story is hardly believable. In each paragraph you made, the doll was following you or going towards you. I've never heard of the doll actually moving. Usually, dolls will have their heads turned, or something different when you look but never physically move.

Sep 12, 2009
it is true
by: moonlight

Hey I believe this person and I have the same problem to. Because when I was little I got a porcelain doll also. My doll story scared me and I hope u understand my true story. I was like 10 or 11 when I got my first porcelain doll. I loved her and she was beautiful with her brown hair and brown eyes. She even wore a pink dress. But that night I put her in my room on my desk and then when the lights dim she looked at me so evil. Like she wanted to kill me so bad or hurt me. It went on for a couple of nights. Then I turned her around and then she went back to the same position the next morning and no one comes in my room at night or in the morning. So kept doing that every night and she did the same thing over and over again. So I put her on the floor at night and the next morning she went back on to my desk and I was freaked out she did that for the next couple of nights. I even put her on the other side of the room and facing the wall and she went back in her position the next morning. I never told anyone this because my family would think I was crazy. So one day I ask my dad to put a shelf in my room and he said yes. Then he did that and I put her up there and she never came down again or did anything. But sometimes she looks at me so evil and at night I hear something move on my shelfs and I always look but nothing was there. I could never look because she always looks at me so evil at me. I could never forget what she did to me. I always get them but the other dolls never did anything only she did. I never gave her name so i'm calling her sarah

Oct 20, 2008
by: Hghxcd

I think all doll stories are not true I mean I collect china dolls and stuff and nothing has ever happened to me! It's someone trieing to scare you!

Jul 19, 2008
really terrifying!
by: celtcharm

Hello there. This is one of the few paranormal experiences that really scared the daylights out of me!! Thanks for shareing!!

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