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The Haunting At 1193

by Charmaine D
(Chicago, IL)

We moved into our brand-new 3 bedroom, 3000 square foot home back in June 2000. It was our first house together as a family. The house was built from the ground up. My family consisted of me, my husband Eric and my children, Charles and Charon. Life should be good at 1193 Meadows Lane, ***, GA or at least that is what I thought at the time.

You know how a place can make you feel uncomfortable. This house rubbed my sixth sense the wrong way. I have always been sensitive regarding the spirit world. I make no claim as a Medium or Fortune Teller. I am no better at making predictions than the weather person. But sometimes I can sense things.

I tried getting over the feeling of not being comfortable alone inside the house. I started to blame it on stress at work or just nerves. Oh boy! Did that house rattle all of my nerves! You would hear noises like dishes falling off the rack into the sink. You would hear doors gently shutting; you know stuff that you can easily dismiss. You might say it is the wind or you stacked the dishes too high. These kinds of things are mere coincidences.

One night I was in my bed sleeping and I was awaken by hot breath. This breath belonged to whatever entity gently spoke my name. It was if a person was leaning down over me and intimately breathing my name in my ear. My eyes shot open in disbelief and horror. It took time for my eyes to adjust to the dark but when they did I saw absolutely nothing. My room looked exactly the same. The only noise that I could hear besides the strong banging of my heart was my husband Eric snoring. This never occurred again.

I need to give you some pertinent information about the next event. We have a ceiling fan in our room that is operated by remote control. One night while I was sleeping, the bedroom lights that are hooked up into the ceiling fan popped on at 3AM. Yes, the witching hour. My husband and I woke up and he retrieved the remote and turned off the lights. A couple of nights later it did it again. My husband decided we had a short circuit in the remote. For as long as we lived in that house, those lights periodically kept coming on around that time in the morning. But my husband insisted it was a short circuit�Hmmmm

In my bed we have certain sides that we sleep on. One night I slept on Eric�s side. I experienced a nightmare right out of a Stephen King movie. I woke up the next morning with bruises and scratches all over my arm. I dreamt that I was being attacked by hundreds of nasty looking demons. I was curious if it would happen again so I slept on his side once again. The same thing happened. Since I am not a glutton for punishment I started to sleep back on my side of the bed. The nightmares ceased to exist. I kept thinking about it and felt that it was too weird. I waited several weeks and took that dive one more time and the same thing happened again, the dream was always the same�Hmmmm

We had some good entities that came and went in our humble home. We had one that would close the bathroom doors and flush the toilet. At least this one was house broken. We had one that would turn on the water faucets in the bathroom sinks full blast. This one used to really make me mad because that was running up my water bill.

One early morning around 5 AM, I was on my way downstairs. Before I proceeded to climb down the stairs I saw a figure dressed in white walk thru the front door to enter my home. It walked passed the stairs and into the kitchen. I stood on the upper landing frozen in time. I did not hear any noise from the kitchen but I did not go downstairs to see where it went. After this I decided to get the house blessed. Just like on TV that should solve everything. Once the blessing was complete, the house was calm for a couple of weeks and then they came back�.Hmmmm

One particular time I was having a bad day with PMS. I was crying for nothing and feeling mad at the world. You know how us women get around that time. I lay down in my bed weeping like a mad woman. Something lay down behind me. I was so scared that I jumped up out of the bed immediately. I stared at the empty bed and saw a person�s indentation still in my bed. Then the entity got up and the indentation went away. I stood there holding my breath because my body forgot how to breathe. I was shaking with fear but could not move my mouth to speak. I stayed that way until I started to feel dizzy because I noticed I was still holding my breath. I inhaled air slowly and deeply. I gathered myself and left my room for a while�Hmmmm

I started to do my own research regarding my property. I did not want my house to be another sequel to Poltergeist. The only thing I found out that was kind of interesting was that some of the Civil War was fought on our property. I am sure there are long forgotten bodies with restless spirits longing to find their home. That would explain why we had so many different entities coming and going like my home was the Motel 666.

My last experience did not happen at the house but in front of a grocery store. Now this grocery store is right across the street from a really old cemetery. The burial headstones in that cemetery date all the way back to the 1800�s. I took the liberty and walked over one day to check out the headstones, as I've got this thing about cemeteries. Eric and I were making a late night stop at the store and as we were walking in I saw a female standing in front of the store. The odd thing about this female was she was the color grey. She looked like someone cut her out of a black and white movie. She never spoke or looked my way; she just stood there staring out at nothing. I asked Eric did he see her and he did not. Later on we moved away from 1193 Misty Meadows Lane but I would never forgot the events that took place in that house. Makes you wonder about how the world really operates�Hmmmm

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Old House Scared Forever

by Hollie
(Chicago, IL, U.S.A)

I was in my old house when I heard a muffled laugh. I didn't know where it was coming from so I didn't worry about it. Then after an hour it happened again. I also knew I wasn't dreaming because when my cat heard the laughing she jumped and scratched me. (It really hurt). Then I heard laughing in the closet so I went in there and I saw an old woman sitting there laughing. Then she vanished so a few days later this lady came to the front door and said did you know that your attic light is on and the attic door is nailed shut!!!! But when my mom and I went up there the attic door had no nails and the light was on. When we went to go see the lady and tell her she was gone! :0 That scared me so bad I cried.

Scared forever

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