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Haunted Inn

by Mary
(S�o Paulo, Brazil)

My boyfriend and I had decided to visit an old city during the holiday. It is a city known for its 15th, 16th and 17th century preserved houses. They are very beautiful and very interesting.

As we were kind of broke, we started looking for an inexpensive place to stay. We found this inn in the middle of the historical city, located in a 17th century house. So we checked in. Our room had the oldest style you can imagine, all original from past times. Well, that night was absolutely fun, we went out, listened to wonderful jazz musicians in a bar, danced and walked under beautiful moonlight. We came to our room in the inn at about 00:30. Until then all was fine...

In the middle of the night I woke up feeling extremely and unexpectedly cold, as it was summer and the nights were so hot. I got up without bothering to open my eyes and touched the wall until I found the button to turn off the air conditioner. Doing it, I dragged myself back to bed and got ready to sleep again. But my mind refused to do it. The cold seemed to worsen! I came nearer to my boyfriend deeply asleep to feel warmer. This time, I opened my eyes. The room was absolute darkness, darkness so heavy you could almost slice it. And then it started.

A sound. The weirdest sound I had ever heard in my life coming from the bathroom, which was behind the wall behind our bed. It began as a rustling, as if a strong wind was suddenly moving sheets of paper in there. But the window in the old bathroom was tightly closed and there were no sheets there. I felt my spine getting cold. But telling myself it was probably the pipes or old wood I kept listening carefully to the sounds. Then the worst happened.

The rustling became a human sound. The sound of someone... choking. By this time I was crushing my boyfriend who'd not wake up, and shaking. The choking wasn't the choking of a victim. It just sounded EVIL!

Then the sound began getting louder. I knew it was starting to approach, that it'd come to the room where we were. Winds were spiraling in the room, but the windows were all closed, glass panes!!!

I thought, "I heard but now I guess I'm going to SEE something." So, desperate, I yelled to my boyfriend, "WAKE UP!!!" and shook him till he did. Then I quickly told him in a frightened voice to please turn on the lights. He got up worried and did this. The moment he turned the lights on all the sounds instantly disappeared!!! I sat on the bed with eyes wide open until the sun came up and we checked out of the inn first thing in the morning.

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An Afternoon at the Hotel Leger

by Dana Mierkey
(Lathop, CA, USA)

Lady of Room 8

Lady of Room 8

When my daughter Jennifer showed me pictures from a wedding she attended at the Hotel Leger a week before I was so intrigued by the photos of multiple orbs taken in the basement I just had to go there and see for myself.

We packed up the tired 160k mile Toyota with our equipment and headed for Mokelumne Hill, CA. Jennifer, myself and our friend Danyelle Nunes were escorted on a tour of the hotel by the bartender after we finished an exceptionally good lunch at the hotel restaurant. Our first stop was the downstairs basement. It was once a dungeon and jail during the gold rush era and had a creepy feel to it. It was quite dark, downright black in some areas with the feeling of being surrounded by energy that seemed to feel somehow a mixture of good and bad. We started taking photos with our digital cameras and got plenty of orbs, different sizes and brightness. At one point I asked the spirits to come to me, which they apparently did according to a photo taken of me, orbs everywhere including on me!

After twenty minutes or so in the basement we were taken to the upstairs area where there is thirteen beautiful rooms that were available for us to take photos of. Each room is decorated in elegant time period furniture. I became rather tired and overwhelmed, not being a spring chicken, with all the excitement and awe of the place. In a couple of the rooms where I felt the heaviest energy my camera became blurred and would not take a picture no matter what I did and at the same time Danyelle's camera shut completely down.

In room 8 it was a different story. It practically invited Jennifer to stay awhile, intriguing her with what looked like a circle with a star inside showing on the camera display. She hung around in the room taking numerous pictures and giving into the "feel" of the room as she is very sensitive. She took photo after photo and kept calling to us that she was getting something very unusual. She was looking so transfixed at the wall behind the headboard which to Danyelle and myself looked like a plain old wall. She creeped us out the way she was staring so intently so I took a picture of her. Later the photo of her downloaded onto or old 50 inch screen TV shows the area she was looking up at to be the full body of a lady and it was also reflected in the mirror. The figure is clearly visible from her head down to her toes, she is leaning forward with her hands on her thighs and seems to be listening to us. It gets even stranger. The sister of the bride from the previous week stayed in the room overnight and got a picture of the same lady that she took in the middle of the night. From what we are told she and her husband were badly frightened.
Before leaving we went back to the basement for a few last minute photos and were greeted by an overpowering smell of cigar smoke. Was that possibly one of the men jailed there or Mr. Leger himself?

The history of this hotel and town is fascinating and is luring us to return soon. We hope to entice the lady in room 8 to show herself and find out more about who she was.

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The haunted hotel

by KC Kelly
(Kansas City, MO, USA)

Having worked at several hotels, and knowing more people who have as well, anyone of us could tell you it is quite common for guests to pass away while staying in a hotel. I worked the front desk, and any time someone would die, I (being superstitious) would not rent that room unless I absolutely had to. A few months would pass, and someone else would die, and I would forget what room the last person had died in. So, you can pretty much bet that if you have stayed in a hotel that is over a year old, someone may have died in your room.

That being said, I do not like to take the last room in a hotel, because I assume that someone has recently passed away in it, so you can understand my reluctance when the last room in a hotel was offered to myself and my boyfriend while driving home from vacation. We could have driven on after leaving in the late afternoon, but we were so exhausted after a week of camping in Maine, we had to stop outside of Boston for the night.

Of course, all the rooms were booked, and we got the very last one. I told my boyfriend that someone must have died there recently, and he just rolled his eyes. We went to the room and just collapsed asleep. A few hours later, around one in the morning, I woke up to the bathroom light being turned on. I just assumed it was Dave, until I saw an old man with a towel wrapped around his waist step out.

He then yelled at me "What are you doing?" I said, rather weakly, "This is my room, I am sleeping." For a fleeting moment, I thought he had just got mixed up with his room, and somehow got our passkey.

But he said "No, with your life! What are you doing, you're making a mistake."
Okay, I admit at the time I was quite the wild one, so that wasn't something that I hadn't heard from my parents about a million times.

Of course, by this time I was so filled with terror I couldn't move or breathe, but I managed to hiss "Wake up." Dave rolled over just as the man was saying "Move on, you'll be okay." And then disappeared while shaking his head.

Dave then rolled over and went back to sleep while I was stiff as a board and wet with sweat. I turned on the television and the bedside lamp, and watched a marathon of the Rockford Files, until Dave woke up the next morning. We broke up a week later. I figure, if a ghost wearing nothing but a towel takes the time to give you advice from the afterlife, you had better take it!

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