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Haunted Hotel - Holiday Inn Express, Valentine, Nebraska

by Lu, SD

Staying in a second floor room, my son woke me up with his screeching and crying. I turned the lamp on and found my son curled up in the corner of the room facing the wall. I went to him and hugged him and asked him what was wrong and he was trying to say something and pointing toward the door. I turned all the lights on and calmed him down and proceeded to ask him what happened. He said that there was a boy standing at the corner by the door and he had glowing eyes. I asked him how he knew it was a boy and he said because the figure was small and there was light coming thru the bottom of the door.

Earlier, before we went to sleep, my son was fighting with his sister so he moved to the floor to sleep and later in the middle of the night something woke him up, and that is when he saw the figure standing in the corner next to the door. When I asked my son if he knew where it went, he said it came toward him but that was when he ran to the corner and started screaming for me to wake up. I moved him next to me and kept all the lights and TV on and talked to him until he fell asleep.

When the daylight started showing thru the curtains, I opened them to let the sun shine in...that's when I noticed the cementary across the road from this hotel. I will never stay there again as long as I live.

My son was about 11 years old at the time.

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Haunted Hotel - Holiday Inn Express, Valentine, Nebraska

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Jun 22, 2011
Holiday Inn
by: ANdy

I work for the Holiday Inn Express in Delafield, WI and I have no doubts in my mind it's haunted.

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