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Comments for
Ghosts of Okinawa

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Sep 15, 2011
Another Tower 4533...part two
by: Anonymous

We have moved and my new house feels so safe and...clear. I finally have the courage to write about it. I didn't there. I was alone often and did not want to let things get to me or my imagination run away with me.

In the same tower, on the fifth floor, there is also supposedly a man who walks through the floor every night. I did not believe this until another one of my vivid dreams. I woke up next to my door after that one and tried to shake it off. Earlier that day, we were expecting a sceduled power outage and I was trying to get upstairs beforehand. I suddenly had this horrible fear of being stuck on the fifth floor. It seemed silly. Well, the elevator stopped on the fifth floor for absolutely no reason, no lights were on signaling it had been called. I grabbed my kids and ran up the stairs. The nightmare came later and thankfully I had little reason to visit the 5th floor except for visits.

I would wake up sometimes after sleeping with my children (NEVER slept alone there and avoided my side of the bed at all costs) and see long, white or black "threads" for lack of a better word floating in the space above us. One time there was clearly a jellyfish-looking black apparation. I know it was not a waking dream because I opened my eyes, rubbed them, tilted my head, voiced a few four-letter words and followed the path carefully with my eyes.

I am glad we are out of that particular tower and expecially my apartment. I have not had to deal with sitting down and seeing the phone go flinging off the hook for no reason, trying to shrug it off. I haven't heard my kids toys go off in the play room constantly and tried to blame it on seismic activity.

I'm a pretty skeptical person and still not exactly sure what happened. But there really seemed to be something to it. I was horrified of my own house...afraid to sleep, having nightmares, seeing things. Even if the cause is not supernatural, there is definately something in the water on Camp Courtney that can be correlated between different people and different families. It was a strange experience and a part of living on Okinawa, I guess.

Sep 15, 2011
Another Tower 4533...part one
by: Anonymous

I searched and found this site and the previous story posted in 2009 about tower 4533. I immediately shut down my computer and got chills, because I lived in that tower and there was a good reason I was searching.

I have never had an experience like I did living in the towers, and I still wonder what happened there. I wonder if it had something to do with the quakes, or vibrations, or something else that could explain things happening to so many people at once. As you can guess, military wives talk about a lot of things, and the subject of the hauntings in these towers came up occasionally and were always creepily similar.

The one that was the most eerie was the boy. He was a little Japanese boy and seemed to be harmless...I guess the deal was he liked scaring people. A new neighbor came to my apartment asking if she was going crazy because something grabbed her ankle, my young son has described him in detail as we sat on the couch together ("Mommy, there is a boy trying to unlock our door. He wants us to go with him. He is trying to turn into a monster but he can't. He is a little scary."), a couple friends in the towers laid salt across their doorways to try and keep the boy out, and I have woken up to see him next to my bed. It always made me sad, even after the episode with my son. I guess he liked to "shake beds", too.

I was especially unnerved with the previous story because I had an experience in that tower with a woman. I would have dreams of a woman in the back room, standing in the doorway and glaring at me. One night, my youngest woke up screaming bloody murder and running down the hall and I heard
footsteps. He curled in a fetal position at the end of the hall and the heavy footsteps stopped. I had had it at that point...Obon was a horrible time of year for us and I lived in morbid fear of everything in my apartment. Small things would happen. Even my husband, upon moving here to a thankfully only 4 year old place, will overreact to small things and he never seemed to buy into anything going on (to be fair, I tried not to either. Even if it was a haunting, I figure you get stuck with bad bosses, bad family members, sometimes bad ghosts, so being positive is sometimes the only way to deal with it- even if there is nothing really there.)

After the footsteps in the hall, I grew angry and exclaimed that we would find a way to get out of the tower and that my children didn't deserve to be afraid. And neither did I. Even after leaving I would feel like a woman was glaring at me...hating me.

Aug 15, 2011
They're mad that we build on top of them!! Part 1
by: Nicole Cortez

I was on the rock back in 2003-2006. I live in 592A Futenma Housing on Camp Foster. I experienced a lot, as well as my family and friends that visited my housing unit. I am going to tell you a story of the little boy first. My second day there.

I was unpacking and spring cleaning. I laid on a couch in my living area to nap. The moment I felt as though I was in a deep sleep, I felt the immense pressure on my chest. I immediately opened my eyes to darkness. I kicked and I screamed and finally after about fifteen minutes, the pressure was released.

When I finally got up, I was gasping for air and heard the pitter-patter of little feet running up the stairs. LOL. (At the end of this page I am submitting this story to, it says please enter the word that you see below) It's "SIESTA" <>

Jun 08, 2011
Ghosts on Camp Hansen
by: Anonymous

My husband had to go take a picture for his promotion and went the civic combat camera building in Hansen. He made his way to the mens locker room and started changing into his service charleys. As he was doing so. He heard a whisper. he was not sure if he heard correctly, so he continued to get himself dressed.

Then he finished changing and he heard the same whisper but this time clearly a man saying, "Hey, can't you hear me?"

My husband went to check the stalls and lockers to see if someone was playing a prank on him but nothing or anyone was there.

He left the locker room to take his pic and then came back to change into his cammies. Just as he finished changing he heard the same man voice asking, "Hey, hey, can't you hear me?" My husband got freaked but then just walked out the locker room saying, "Yeah, I can't hear you".

Aug 01, 2010
by: cliff stryker

I lived on Oki during the late 60's as a boy and heard of many houses on and off base that were haunted,my friends father saw the famous futema gate ghost, the legless Okinawan that patrolled the tombs at the front gate.

we used to explore the caves and hear foot steps etc. I entered a tomb and that night had such a terrible nightmare that I never went in another tomb. The you tube video of the Kadena gate proves there are ghosts.

I have to many stories to tell.

Nov 17, 2009
Ghost at Blue Lagoon
by: Ray

I was stationed on Okinawa from 1981 to 1985 and then back again from 1989 to 1992; I explored every aspect of that island. I did see something there in 1985 and in 1991. In 1985 we spent a Saturday at the "Blue Lagoon" which is on the northern part of the island. We spent all day snorkleing in the lagoon; three couples. Around 7 pm as it was just getting dark and we were packing up to leave, we saw this glow; a greenish glow in the water and it was coming up to the beach. We all stood in awe as this greenish glowing object came out of the water and walked in front of us. It was an old japanese man; and then he disappeared. Of course at this time we are freaking out and run down to the little mama-son shop on the lagoon. We tell the old lady and old guy of what we just saw; they just calmly said "no worry, happens all the time". We never went back. In 1991, while working at the US Naval Hospital Okinawa one late night I had to take some supplies to the basement (right-it always happens in the basement- except there was no morgue in this hospital, the morgue was at Camp Kinser several miles south) anyway when I got to the basement and stated putting the supplies away in a backroom the entire room turned into an ice box and I heard women and children crying and moaning. I got out of there right away and told someone about what happened. Seems this is a normal occurrance as the hospital was built on a site where women and children hid in tunnels during World War II and died in the caves. They didn't find their bodies until they began digging to build the hospital in the 1960s. Haunted Okinawa - Yes!!

Jul 19, 2009
Strange occurances
by: Anymouse

I was in Okinawa for 3 years and had a couple things go on. One was when I was staying in the towers on Foster waiting for my wife and kids to arrive, I was sleeping by myself and my bed started vibrating. I woke up and looked around all the while my bed is still vibrating, not shaking like an earthquake was going on, but like if I put a quarter in my bed and it started vibrating. This went on for about five minutes and after it stoped I just kind of thought nothing of it and went back to sleep. One other thing that happened was my son kept saying that there was a girl floating outside the window of his room, and in the towers we were on the 8th floor. I also went to the haunted hotel with a friend one night off base. It was kind of unnerving at first but then we got more brave. After about an hour of being there we started hearing rocks being thrown. Then one actually hit me. We didn't hear anyone else walking around and we would've been able to hear someone if they moved. We searched for pranksters hiding trying to make us think it was ghosts throwing those rocks, but we didn't find anyone. So at 3:30am we left and as we were leaving we heard a loud scream come from the grave area of the hotel, so me and my friend ran out of there like two little kids. There are some other stories I've heard from others, one is about this house that is boarded up on Foster in the housing area by Zukran elementary school. The house is boarded up and my friend who lived a few houses down said one night on a dare he went up to the house and knocked on the door then on a boarded up window. He said that just as he was about to leave he heard a raspy voice on the other side say Ohio which is Japanese for hello, and a loud bang on the board. He said he fell over himself trying to get away and he's never even looked at the house since.

Feb 24, 2009
by: Brenda - Webmaster

Definitely keep us posted!


Feb 22, 2009
Whats Hiding in Our Smart Clinic?
by: Anonymous

So, here's my story, I've been working on Camp Kinser at the Smart Clinic for almost a year now and ive seen and heard some pretty eerie things, whether ill be working in the mornings by myself and seeing shadows walk around behind me or hearing footsteps walking down the hallway ive kind of just brushed it off.
Recently however, there have been a few incidents. At our work we have a long hallway from the waiting room to the patient care area, and along this hallway we have a 60 lb metal door that opens to expose our air conditioning and heating system, its pretty dark and creepy looking in there, and theres a little cement hatch leading into the attic of the clinic, if you could call it that, more like a crawl space. Well anyways this door on occasion when we open in the morning or come in to grab some personel belongins on the weekends, will be open, not like a crack, but WIDE open. Even on one occasion I came in on a Saturday and it was open so i closed it went into the back to my locker, changed into my PT gear came back out and there it was wide open!
And today was the worst which happens to be the 23rd of Feb '09! I came to work as usual a little before 6 a.m to open up the clinic the door happened to be close but down here on Kinser it happened to be a little humid so there was condensation on the floor. I turned the lights on and turned to make sure it was just condensation i just stepped on and not some substance that might have spilled. And there next to my giant footprints, i wear a size 13 shoe, the ones i saw were much smaller one about maybe half the size of mine!! No one could have gotten in! theres no way! so tonight me and my buddy are going to leave a camcorder on and see if we can catch a ghostie!! Keep you posted!

Feb 14, 2009
Camp Courtney, the towers
by: Anonymous

i have been living in okinawa since june 06. There has been shadows around the house a little shadow of a kid. At first i thought it was my son but the i realized i was by myself in the house. There are cold spots all over the house especialy the main bedroom, when my wife was sleeping i used to get up and get water or to the restroom. There was a shadow always next to my wife like looking over her. It was strange everytime i would turn on the light and was gone. I paid no attention about the tall figure or the small figure. My son used to be scared of sleeping by himself, about 2 weeks ago i was by myself packing and heard noise in the house. I approach the bedroom camoing from the hallway i live in the towers well i hope you get the idea how the house is. Well i walk in the room my wife shoes were moved all over the flor like someone kick it, but there was no body in the house. i look at the corner of the room and there was a shadow in a white dress. I told her to get out i could see her long black gray hair. I told her to get out of the house and i told her are you the reason my wife is living and the scary shit happen it smile back i walk backwords and my NCO sword was move too. I call the MP from courtney and they were telling me that in one of the towers recieved sightings of kids on the roof. I have to paint the house and i even took money to stay at the courtney lodege, the small shadow iam not afraid is the lady that one that freaks me out 3 night ago i was real tierd so i sleept in my room i woke up at 5:30 am i got up and took a shower got dress and ate cereal i when back to fix my bed and in the otherside of the bed it was like someone was sleeping like someone got up. not even ten minutes before i made the bed once again there is no one in the house except me. Two night go i sleept in the living room on the floor i move the pillows to the living room i was cold all night so i grab blankets and when to sleep i woke up the next morning and my wifes pillow was next to mine her pillow i left it in the dining room and ended next to my pillow i freak out and got dress and walkdown the stairs and went to work. now i close all door when i go to sleep, and stay up pretty much all night i can't get out of the towers until i finish painting them the kid is always on the hall i hear laughters and i rather hear him that the lady in my room i dont go after dark to the room i only go during the day. i posted this story on feb 13 2009. There is no lie about this wanna experiece the cold chill's let me know one thing i would say if you have family dont stay in the tower 4533 or at least this apartment i lit a candle and the flame was moving like crazy even do the doors and window aircons and were off.

Dec 26, 2008
2008 day after xmas kadena airforc base
by: Anonymous

my husband is currently serving there at the kadena airforce base for the next 6 months. he just emailed me this is what he said.

don�t know what to think on this one,I got up this morning an went to the bus stop.Well on my way down there I saw someone sitting on the sidewalk across the street.They had there knees tuckud up to them an was just sitting there.Well when I got up to the bus stop they just stared at me while I stood there.It wasn�t just a glance or anything it was a straight up stare no flinch.I looked at them an they still kept staring .The guy had brown hair,glasses no rank so it was lower then e4 and a lighter color coveralls.But what got me as odd was there eyes kind of gleamed a bit.Well they just sat there the whole time an the bus started to come up the street.Well heres the odd part,when the bus passed the guy to turn around he was gone.It wasn�t a get up an come to the bus stop or to walk back or anything,just gone.I mean it looked like they where ready for work but they didn�t get on the bus,and a quickly as they where gone they would have had to run to not be in view at all.I cant explain it at all.I thought maybe when the bus passed they walked away but you would of still seen them plus it didn�t make since why they just sat on the opposite side of the street like that.I just figured id tell someone.

now my husband is not the type to see things like that.its usually me. even reading that gives me the goosebumps. 130 am for me and now im curious. what does it all mean and who could it be.

Sep 07, 2008
I was there too.
by: Anonymous

I was also in Oki in the early 90's but my experience wasn't on Kadena itself but in the town of Kin just outside of Camp Hansen MC base.
Late one night, a friend and myself decided to check out the outskirts of the small town. You know, to see something different from the usual bars and clubs. We came across a boneyard and decided to check it out although the sign said "Do not Enter" in English as well as Japanese. Some guy yelled out in broken English that we're not allowed to go in there so we ran away from him. We felt like children being all mischevous and sprinting through the graveyard in almost pitch darkness. We ran to the other side and stopped to catch our breath. After I said that we probably made that cop's night, my friend replied, "What cop? I ran cuz you ran."

He didn't see or hear anyone. But I heard and saw this guy. Middle aged in what appeared to be a dark uniform with a hat on. Could have been a security guard even. I'll never forget that night. I never saw anything paranormal since then.

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