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Ghosts: Living with Uncle Bob

by Robert
(South Pasadena, CA)

My wife and I are renting a very small home (one bedroom, one bathroom, a living room and a kitchen) that our homeowners insurance company tells us was built in 1901.

Our neigbors are Dutch Indonesians and my wife is Chinese Indonesian.

After moving into the house, we noticed that we would hear unusual rattling sounds from the kitchen and then our coffee pot would rattle as well. I came home a couple of times to find the television on, although we both recalled turning it off before leaving the home and it was curiously set on sports stations - hockey games, basketball games, etc... We also noticed that we would lock the windows from inside the house only to find them opened when we arrived home.

About three months into moving into the house, I returned from a business trip to have my wife tell me that she had seen a ghost like figure walk by the backside of our house. I asked, of course, if it was something else, like a trick of light in the backyard. She assured me it was not.

The very next evening we both saw him walk past the house. It was a male figure wearing what appeared to be white clothing. He seemed to ignore us and was just walking by the house. That night we prayed and asked our Episcopal priest about possibly coming by to bless the house.

We then went away on three day trip only to learn that our neighbors' son had seen his deceased "Uncle Bob" sitting on the front porch. It turns out Uncle Bob had lived in the house for over 40 years before he passed away. Now anytime Uncle Bob rattles some dishes we politely ask him to stop and he does.

This last summer by wife and I were in the bedroom and we both heard a male voice - we said "hi" to Uncle Bob and we have not heard from his since. We now view Uncle Bob as someone who is still looking out for his old house. We no longer fear him, but give him respect and he gives us respect as well. We have told the Episcopal priest about what occurred and he then told us about the ghost at our church.

The lesson we have learned is that living with a ghost like Uncle Bob is like dealing with the history of our house. When replacing a fuse in fuse box the other day I could not help to think that I was doing something that Uncle Bob had done many times over the years. We now view him as something like a guardian angel over this property. Who knows - if we were to live here another 40 years maybe we would be visiting after we pass on.

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Ghosts: Living with Uncle Bob

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Jun 21, 2011
Response by Author
by: Robert

Uncle Bob has never been a "mean" or unpleasant guest. He startled us a bit at first upon his first few visits, but that was all resolved once we discovered who he was after he revealed himself to our neighbor's son. His brother, now quite elderly, continues to live in the house next door and will ask how his brother his doing. His occasional noise in the house, usually at night, are met by a simple request that he be quiet and he is. At other times I sense his presence in the house, but in a positive almost comforting way.

Jun 17, 2011
Awesome Story
by: Kate

I loved your story... it sounds to me like you are very nice to this ghost. When you pass away you should come and be friends with Uncle Bob. He would probably love that so much.Is Uncle Bob ever mean? I love your story...again! :o)

May 14, 2011
Thank you for your thoughts.
by: Robert - Author

Uncle Bob comes and goes as he pleases. He remains a polite guest and we appreciate the lesson he gives us that we should treat the former occupants of our homes as well as they treat us.

May 03, 2011
Ghostly guest!
by: fififromDublin

Great attitude to have..you sound like good people, I'm sure your ghost is glad to be accepted..until any of us know for sure what happens when we die, we must remain broadminded and tolerant. I wish you joy in your home.

Apr 23, 2011
Pretty Good
by: Anonymous

This was a good story. Strange that it just one day Uncle Bob was just there randomly. Most stories the they come in and the ghost is there that night. That's so cool how you get along with the ghost.

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