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Ghosts and Hauntings: The Unexpected Grandmother

by Lilly Mohan
(Trinidad and Tobago)

I was about five years of age. I did not know about the after life and such things called ghosts. I thought it must be made up or something like a way to make me go to bed early.

One afternoon I was at home with my aunt and was preparing for a vacation trip to the Caribbean. Later that day I went up the stairs to my room and to my surprise there was a pale, somewhat unusual person standing in front of my mirror.

"Who ARE YOU?" I said. She looked at me with this smirk on her face. I thought it must be a relative of my parents, then she began whispering my name over and over. I rapidly dropped my clothes and ran out. Later that afternoon I sent my father to see who it was but he said it was my imagination that I was making myself scared.

To this very day that memory exists in my head. There are still strange, unexplainable things that have happened but I am too afraid to try to to see why it's happening.

Recently I looked up in an old family photo album and saw that exact lady but I'd rather leave tings as it is.

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Ghosts and Hauntings: The Unexpected Grandmother

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May 14, 2011
Ghost and stories
by: Anonymous

I think you should find out who it was ....Get help from someone who you can trust

Apr 26, 2011
by: [email protected]

Sometimes your mind play tricks on you. But as you said leave it alone.

Apr 12, 2011
Spirits roam after death
by: [email protected]

I believe you because my mom told me some stories from back in the day that still got me shook up.

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