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Ghost Videos: Bijou Theater Ghost (Knoxville, TN)

by Sean Dudley
(Loudon, TN, USA)

I was on an official investigation with the East Tennessee Paranormal Research Society in Knoxville, TN on July 22nd, 2006. I captured what I consider to be more of the most fascinating ghost captures in existence, but I think it is too good for many people to believe, so I get a large number of people who think it was faked. This is obviously very disheartening since I know that it is completely authentic.

I was talking with the staff at the Bijou theater who informed me that there was an occurrence of a lady somehow getting locked in a stall in the 2nd floor ladies room and having to crawl under the stall to get out. Who knows if there was anything paranormal with that story or not, but that was the reason I went to the 2nd floor ladies room to do some EVP work and shoot some video.

At the time, I didn't see anything, but on playback it was discovered that something, what I believe to be an apparition (perhaps not a human apparition), skirts across the bottom of the screen. You can see the apparition change form as it goes in front of the camera before it goes through the wall. You can also see a reflection of the apparition in the metal as it goes by, which I found pretty fascinating and surprised me at first, but since it shows up in the infrared spectrum, it makes sense to me that it will reflect in the infrared spectrum. We think that it likely came up from the Bistro restaurant which is below this restroom, up through the floor, and found itself right in front of my camera. Anyway, it darts from my right to my left heading straight for a wall (a hallway is on the other side of the wall).

Thank you for your time.

Sean Dudley
contact (at) byterunner (dot) com

You can watch an extended version to get more of a feel for the moments leading up to this here: Friendly-ghosts.com

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Ghost Videos: Bijou Theater Ghost (Knoxville, TN)

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Feb 01, 2011
Thank you!
by: Brenda - Webmaster

Thank you for the video Sean! Very well done.

Good luck to you!


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